Redeveloped State Library Victoria by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects & Architectus

The 163-year-old The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall has now reopened to the public after 16 years

Project Specs


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维多利亚州立图书馆是澳大利亚历史最悠久的图书馆和地标,近日由丹麦建筑事务所Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects和澳大利亚建筑及设计工作室Architectus完成了大规模改造,现已重新向公众正式开放。图书馆包括23栋独立的建筑,并占据了墨尔本市中心的一整个街区。

State Library Victoria, a historic Australian landmark, has officially reopened its doors to the public, revealing extensively transformed library spaces designed by Danish architectural firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and Australian architecture and design studio Architectus. The library comprises 23 individual buildings and occupies an entire city block in Melbourne’s city centre.

▼图书馆外观,exterior view ©Trevor Mein


The newly designed spaces are part of a five-year redevelopment plan aimed at expanding the library’s community outreach and enhancing the visitor experience. Working in partnership, Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Architectus were tasked with rethinking and revitalising the existing spaces of the library in order to unlock possibilities, create connections, and provide a framework for the library’s ongoing and future evolution.

▼入口立面,entrance facade ©Trevor Mein


Creating meaningful connections


At the heart of the architectural concept lies a desire to weave together the building’s numerous spaces through a contemporary architectural narrative. Before the redevelopment, the layout of the library drew visitors through a sequence of spaces that made it easy to leave the building without being fully aware of the library’s diverse offering. Now, a more holistic experience has been created with a clear hierarchy of thresholds and spaces, connecting the various zones of the library physically and visually.

▼改造示意图,transform diagram ©Trevor Mein


A modern design line, highlighting heritage features

维多利亚州立图书馆在历史上经历过多次重建,使图书馆看上去有些支离破碎。本次改造通过强大的设计主线串联了现代与历史元素,致力于将图书馆的独特遗产巧妙地揭示出来,而非对其进行重造。重新设计的部分主要是维多利亚美术馆、位于Russell街的入口、连接图书馆四个活动庭院(包括Pauline Gandel儿童活动区)的Quad、伊莎贝拉·弗雷泽大厅(Isabella Fraser Room)以及最重要的伊恩·波特女王大厅(Ian Potter Queen’s Hall)。

▼室内概览,interior view ©Trevor Mein

▼图书馆商店,library shop ©Trevor Mein

State Library Victoria has undergone numerous redevelopments over the course of its history, previously giving the library a fragmented appearance. Architectus and Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s design concept for the transformation has now provided a strong design line that acts as a framework to guide present and future works. In their approach, the design teams worked to reveal the unique heritage aspects of the building rather than recreate them. The redevelopment and design focused on the Victoria Gallery; the Russell Street entrance; the Quad, which connects all four of the library’s activity courtyards such as the Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter; the Isabella Fraser Room; and, most notably, The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall.

▼Pauline Gandel儿童活动区,Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter ©Trevor Mein


The 163-year-old The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall has now reopened to the public after 16 years. The space has been stripped back, revealing its former beauty and original paint work, while drawing a modern design line through the Hall and the rest of the library to link rooms together. The 1910 marble staircase that allows for easier, direct access to the dome has also been reopened for the first time since 2003, with its original worn marble retained and revealed beneath a new overlay.

▼伊恩·波特女王大厅, The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall ©Trevor Mein

▼建筑既有的美感和原始的绘画装饰被重新展现出来,the former beauty and original paint work of the space has been revealed ©Trevor Mein


Throughout the redevelopment of the library, all furniture, fittings, and equipment have been carefully selected and designed to complement the architectural interventions. This includes moveable elements and fixed pieces that work together in aesthetic harmony, tying the project together.

▼公共区域,public area ©Trevor Mein

▼入口大厅,lobby ©Trevor Mein

Client: State Library Victoria
Architects in association:
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Andronas Conservation Architects
Steensen Varming
McKenzie Group Consulting
ID Lab
Building Area: 13,532 m2
Status: Completed
Photography: Trevor Mein

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