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Define space with simple things

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探寻西服定制品牌“REDEFINE ”所表达的界定含义,我们想到以优质面料的朴实自然来界定空间。朴实的事物往往隐含深意,那这样的空间能够带给我们什么,那就是人与人之间的关系,空间中存在能够记录这种空间的元素:墙壁、台阶和楼梯,他们先将空间进行功能分割,然后再选择性的组合在一起,形成新的关系。

Exploring the human connotations of the custom-made brand ” REDEFINE ” as the soft nature of high-quality fabrics, we want to define space with simple things. Simple things often imply deep meaning, and what such a space can bring us is the relationship between people. There are elements in the space that can record this kind of space: walls, steps and stairs, which divide the space into functional parts first, and then selectively combine them together to form new relationships.

▼空间一览,overall view of the space


The site of the project is located in the center of Poly, which is an office space. Due to the inherent framework limitations of the office building itself, the design team uses the space height to extend the space vertically from the structure, and the elevated ground plans out different functional spaces. The auxiliary lighting source of the matrix layout corresponds to the block surface of the space.

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric


The various elements in the space plane are arranged to interact with the user and define the way space is used. Each simple shape leaves a different mark on the intricate space, which makes it clear how it will be used.


▼展示区,exhibition area

▼休息区,rest area

▼休息区细部,details of the rest area


Stairs are displayed in an open manner, and geometric jumping shows the steps freely connected upstairs to the second reception area and downstairs dressing room, rich space level, and the lower part of the stairs gray space also meets the needs of functional storage.

▼开放的楼梯间,open staircase

▼楼梯细部,detail of the staircase


The fitting room adopts the concept of wooden box in the space independent appearance, and deliberately avoids overemphasizing the design of space-saving, but it will put the multi-focus on the interaction with the guests in the fitting room.  Solid wood elements of the fitting room intersperse with terrazzo floor and copper hardware to meet the customer’s demand for accessories matching in the process of fitting, and you can also feel the echo of delicate materials on clothes, and inadvertently encounter unexpected surprises.

▼楼梯边的木制试衣间,wooden fitting room beside the staircase

▼试衣间细部,details of the fitting room


Due to the height limit, the second reception area uses the original bare top treatment, and rough and exquisite form a contrast, rich space level. The use of mirrors provides a visual extension to the compact space on the second floor.

▼二层接待区,reception area on the mezzanine floor



项目面积:150 平方米

Project name: REDEFINE
Design firm: Geemo Design
Designer team: KirinShi, Eleven Yi, Shuang Tang
Project location: Poly center, Chongqing, China
Completion time: 2019.05
Area: 150 sqm
Photograph: Pian Fang
Construction team:zaoshi space

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