Reconstruction of 1971 Research Camp in Rizhao, China by Dake Architectural Design

To meet the needs of an accommodation while keeping the memory of the old school

Project Specs


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项目背景 | Background Information

该项目位于山东省日照市东港区陈疃镇,如“1971研学营地”的名字所诉,基地原为1971年建立的陈疃镇中学学堂, 2016年因教育资源整合,学校停招,为了让学堂继续发挥其文化育人的功能,陈疃中学被重新利用,改造为日照1971青少年研学实践教育营地。

The project is located in Chentuan Town, Donggang District, Rizhao City, Shandong Province. As the name of “1971 Research Camp”, the base was originally the Chen tuan Middle School, established in 1971. In 2016, due to the integration of educational resources, the school stopped recruiting, in order to let The school continued to play its role in cultural education, and Chentuan Middle School was re-used and transformed into the Rizhao 1971 Youth Research and Practice Education Camp.

▼区位和项目概览,project location and overview



The renovation design is to transform the original daily teaching classroom of the base into the student accommodation space of the 1971 research camp. While satisfying the needs of the accommodation function, the memory of the old school was not destroyed and became the core of the design.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


记忆与传承 | Memories and Heritage



Chen Tuan Middle School was originally built spontaneously by local villagers, who took local materials and jointly funded the construction. After decades of ups and downs, how many memories and youth Chen Tuan has carried. In recent years, due to various factors, the old buildings can not meet the requirements of the current school construction, and have been replaced by the new middle school.Party A relies on the government to build a comprehensive youth student education camp and upgrade the existing buildings to continue to serve students.

The original building structure is mostly brick and wood structure, red brick house, wooden frame roof, and red tile on the upper. In order to better inherit the historical veins of the old buildings, the red bricks were used as the main materials in the renovation, and the traditional masonry method was used to closely integrate the old buildings with the newly-reformed parts to make the whole building group more unified.

▼改造前的老建筑 & 改造中的建筑,building before and during reconstruction


营地入口空间| Camp entrance space

对原入口拆除重新设计,打造一个独特景观入口空间,特有红砖砌筑 “1971研学营地”几个字代替了普通的金属字体张贴,让其与整个空间形成一个完整体。

The original entrance was demolished and redesigned to create a unique landscape entrance space. The special red brick masonry “1971 Research Camp” replaced the ordinary metal font posting to form a complete body with the entire space.

▼入口大门,Entrance gate


空间梳理与组合 | Space carding and combination


Re-combing the original red brick buildings, demolishing the old and serious small space buildings, and retaining the main building space.

▼小院入口空间,Courtyard entrance space

▼光井,light well



We regrouped the remaining architectural spaces to form five separate courtyard spaces and a casual fun landscape belt, continuing to use red brick as the main material for the construction to integrate the space atmosphere. On the basis of respecting the status quo of the building, the circular elements are used to configure the exclusive space of each courtyard entrance, which increases its interest and experience.

▼庭院空间,Courtyard space


景观带 | Landscape belt


We use a circle of different sizes to connect the strip landscape spaces together to form three different places of leisure and fun landscape: the sunken bonfire gathering place on the west side, the middle ring road, and the east labyrinth wall.

▼景观带鸟瞰图,Landscape belt with aerial view

▼景观带入口节点鸟瞰,Entrance node aerial view

▼景观带入口节点,Entrance node

▼下沉篝火剧场鸟瞰,Sinking Fire Theater aerial view

▼下沉篝火剧场,Sinking Fire Theater

▼园环小道鸟瞰,Roundabout aerial view


▼趣味迷宫,Fun maze


室内改造空间 | Indoor renovation space


The wood frame roof is changed to a steel structure and will be increased in height to meet the lighting needs of the accommodation space and enhance the brightness of the space.

▼室内空间,interior space


▼红砖区总平面图,Red brick area plan

▼景观带总平面图,Landscape belt plan

▼营地入口平面图、立面图,Camp entrance plan & elevation

▼门卫室立面图,Gatekeeper elevation

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018/2-2019/5
主创及设计团队:杨大可 高浩军 王学艺

Project name: Reconstruction of the old school in Shandong Rizhao 1971 Research Camp
Design: Dake Architectural Design
Design year & Completion Year: Feb.2018-May.2019
Leader designer & Team: Yang Dake Gao Haojun Wang Xueyi
Project location: Rizhao,Shandong Province
Gross Built Area (square meters): 11050m2
Photo credits: Dake Architectural Design
Clients: 1971 Research Camp


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