everyone × Chaoyang Park Plaza

Interview with the people working in or living around Chaoyang Park Plaza.

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gooood为你奉上“每个人everyone”专辑。这是第十一期:每个人 × 朝阳公园广场

Most of people lives in cities, experiencing architecture spaces everyday. Design is closely related to everyone, and listening to people from other industries also enables us to expand our understanding about design, architecture, urban environment and the whole world.

everyone album NO.11 – everyone × Chaoyang Park Plaza



由马岩松带领的MAD建筑事务所MAD on gooood)设计的朝阳公园广场项目,从方案公布开始就获得了社会的瞩目,从设计到建成,在业界和普通群众间激起了广泛的讨论。gooood曾经发布过四篇关于这个项目的文章,每篇都获得了大量评论(点击查看项目文章:马岩松设计的朝阳公园项目在纽约时代广场发布朝阳公园广场项目北京建成墨色山水 – 朝阳公园广场Iwan Baan镜头下的“朝阳公园广场”)

Chaoyang Park Plaza was designed by MAD (MAD on gooood), a famous architecture atelier founded by Ma Yansong. It kept attracting social attention ever since its proposal was released. It triggered a wide-range discussion among the industry and the public from the conceptual phase to its completion. gooood has published four articles about this project, each of which was a big hit. Please click the following blue links to see the articles: Ma Yansong’s latest design, Chaoyang Park project was launched at Times Square in NYCMAD’s “Chaoyang Park Plaza”Breaks GroundChaoyang Park PlazaIwan Baan Captures MAD’s “Chaoyang Park Plaza”



The building complex of Chaoyang Park Plaza stands out from the city environment for the curved outlines and the dark color. On the first sight, many people would think the building complex doesn’t fit into the context. Now the buildings have been in operation for a while. More and more people have been using and experiencing the space by themselves. Would people see the complex differently now by any chance? We randomly interviewed people working in or living near the buildings to see their feelings about the complex and images for ideal office space.

During the interview, all the interviewees thought the buildings were unique on their first sight and some even thought the buildings didn’t fit into the environment. However, most people enjoyed the working space very much after moving in. Since the unique curved outlines and dark color make the architectural complex stand out from all the surroundings, people would love to take pictures of the buildings and share on social media. People also offered their suggestions, mostly on adjusting the buildings’ color to blend in the context better. Most of the interviewees viewed the complex as one of Beijing’s landmarks. However, they would rather not have too many “unique buildings” in the city. There are different ideas about the ideal office space; some people loved to work in open spaces while others preferred quiet spaces, which await further consideration and discussion.


出品人:向玲 | Producer: Xiang Ling
编辑制作团队:陈诺嘉,刘丹阳,李诗蓉,历剑 | Execute Editor: Chen Nuojia, Liu Danyang, Li Shirong, Li Jian
编辑参与团队:武晨曦,张学 | Associated Editor: Wu Chenxi, Zhang Xue

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