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OWIU Studio设计的RAPPU餐厅坐落于热闹的Tanjong Pagar区,是新加坡最大的omakase式寿司吧,共提供了36个座位。

OWIU Studio’s RAPPU is a 36-seater “omakase” sushi bar by The Feather Blade group. RAPPU is Singapore’s largest omakase sushi bar, and located in the vibrant Tanjong Pagar district.

▼室内概览,overview © Finbarr Fallon

餐厅改造自Duxton路上保护完好的历史商铺,这片街区以熙熙攘攘的餐厅与酒吧而闻名。OWIU Studio在改造中将两座店铺合二为一。为了延续房屋的传统魅力,设计师保留了自然裸露的木质天花板、横梁和混凝土地板,将富有工业美的原商铺空间打造成时尚的新餐厅。36座的寿司吧台也使RAPPU餐厅成为了新加坡最大的omakase寿司餐吧。

Housed in a heritage-preserved shophouse on Duxton Road, in the commonly referred to as the neighbourhood with a bustling dining and bar scene, OWIU Studio’s design for RAPPU is based around the preservation of two shophouses and transformation into one structure. With the intention to preserve the charm of the heritage shophouse, OWIU Studio maintained the exposed timber ceiling beams and raw concrete flooring to still showcase the industrial-chic aesthetic of the original space while reimagining it as a chic restaurant. RAPPU’s sushi bar counter boasts 36 seats that make it the largest sushi omakase bar in Singapore.

▼omakase式用餐空间,the space for omakase © Finbarr Fallon

设计师采取策略,在RAPPU餐厅中巧妙设计出可以容纳30多人的柜台。他们在原来0.3m厚的承重砖墙上打开了一个6m(19.6英尺)长的开口,以钢筋梁柱和混凝土的新支撑系统代替了原有结构。餐厅的整体布局还采用了参数化设计,以优化客人和工作人员的工作流线,提高厨房和餐厅的工作效率。定制的20米长的钢制RGB LED灯环绕在吧台上方,与吧台轮廓相呼应。灯光与音乐相辅相成,在一天内不断变化。

For the design of RAPPU, OWIU Studio thus had to deploy intelligent solutions in order to accommodate a counter bar that could seat up to thirty persons. The studio’s approach required creating a 6-meter-long (19.6-feet) opening of what used to be 0.3m wide load-bearing brick. A steel post and lintel system with newly-poured foundation was thus required to replace a bearing of this scale. The overall layout of the bar was also designed parametrically to optimize guest and staff circulation and kitchen to diner workflow. A customized 20 meter-long-steel profile RGB LED light wraps the space above the counter, mimicking the overall profile of the bar. The light syncs with music and changes color overtime as the day progresses.

▼吧台,view of the bar © Finbarr Fallon

▼裸露的混凝土内壁,the raw concrete wall © Finbarr Fallon

▼新支撑系统,the new support system © Finbarr Fallon

RAPPU的名字具有双重含义。在日语中,RAPPU指代说唱音乐和嘻哈音乐,因此餐厅选用了Wu-Tang Clan和Kendrick Lamar这些前卫的音乐。同时,RAPPU也有包裹之意,代表着层层卷起的寿司。为了进一步展现日本风情,RAPPU还提供日式早餐以及茶、寿司塔可等小食。

RAPPU’s name takes on two meanings: in Japanese, the term refers to rap and hip-hop music (bringing the likes of Wu-Tang Clan to Kendrick Lamar to the state-of-the-art sound system across the restaurant), and also “wrap,” hence RAPPU restaurant’s specialty in handroll omakase sushi. Staying true to its Japanese inspiration, RAPPU serves onigiris for breakfast and tea and seaweed tacos as an izakaya bar snack.

▼用餐环境,dining environment © Finbarr Fallon


RAPPU is a specialty hand roll omakase sushi concept that has officially opened its inaugural location in Singapore. “Omakase” is the Japanese word for “chef’s choice” and is a common concept in traditional sushi bars. Omakase is centered around a bar behind which a chef serves his or her customers directly. An ambitious idea and the first of its kind, the design concept for RAPPU’s dining bar features a single continuous piece of quartz bar spanning nearly 20-meters long.

▼室内灯光,indoor lighting © Finbarr Fallon

▼吧台上方的照明结构,lighting structure above the bar © Finbarr Fallon

OWIU工作室不仅负责了RAPPU的室内设计,还帮助餐厅打造了整体品牌,提升视觉效果,与印度尼西亚顶级陶艺家Ayu Larasati合作定制了一系列陶瓷制品。

In addition to RAPPU’s interior architecture design, OWIU Studio assisted in the new restaurant’s overall branding and visual touchpoints, including working closely with top Indonesian ceramicist Ayu Larasati on designing custom ceramics and other wares.

▼定制的陶瓷餐具,custom ceramics © Finbarr Fallon

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