All in One by Francesc Rifé Studio

Ceiling Lamps Brighten a Flagship Financial Centre.

Project Specs


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该项目由Francesc Rifé Studio事务所设计,是Caixa银行在巴塞罗那的新办公总部,代表了金融中心的前沿概念。它坐落在1960年代的包豪斯风格建筑中,在混合空间中汇集了银行的不同部门。

Designed by award-winning studio Francesc Rifé, CaixaBank’s new All in One flagship offices in Barcelona represent a cutting-edge concept for the financial centre. Housed in a 1960s Bauhaus-style building, it brings together the bank’s different business groups in one hybrid space.

▼项目外观,external view of the project © David Zarzoso


All in One occupies three levels, including a basement with an auditorium, a hospitality area on the ground floor featuring a café and lounge, and banking divisions on the floor above. The striking space, marked by undulating walls and open layouts, is unified throughout by common materials such as walnut slats, brass accents, and textural tile. Large LED screens projecting landscape imagery on all floors provide a bucolic window to the outdoors.

▼巨型LED屏幕,large LED screen © David Zarzoso


Nodding to the office’s wooden construction elements, the studio chose Vibia’s Duo lamps for illumination. The ceiling lights by Ramos & Bassols are inspired by nature and feature a veined oak interior in an organic, inverted bowl silhouette. Wrapped in a sleek aluminum shell, the material mix is both earthy and refined. The wood interior casts a warm glow that draws the eye amid a field of white lights, while its sleek aluminum shell offers an even distribution of light upon the workspace.

▼显示屏上不同的风景,screen with different scenery © David Zarzoso

▼楼梯,staircase © David Zarzoso


Above the reception desk hangs a trio of Duos. They create a focal point in the open area and welcome visitors with a soothing, sophisticated sensibility.In the lounge area a single Duo brightens a semi-enclosed cubicle.A series of Duos are also placed along a walkway in the basement. Their circular silhouette echoes the arc of the hallway, offering an undulating counterpoint to the rectilinear geometry of the walnut walls around them.

▼接待区域,hospitality area © David Zarzoso

▼接待台上方悬挂了三盏吸顶灯,above the reception desk hangs a trio of Duos © David Zarzoso

▼休息区,一盏吸顶灯照亮了半围合的隔间,in the lounge area a single Duo brightens a semi-enclosed cubicle © David Zarzoso

▼吸顶灯圆形轮廓与走廊的弧线相呼应 © David Zarzoso
circular silhouette of Dous echoes the rectilinear geometry of the walnut walls


Affixed to the ceiling, Duo integrates into the architecture like a skylight channeling brightness from the outside, an ideal complement for the setting with its limited natural light.

▼细部,details © David Zarzoso

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