Ranch O/H by Feldman Architecture + Ground Studio Landscape Architecture

A refined but rugged ranch home

Project Specs

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项目位于加州卡梅尔Santa Lucia山脉的一处山脊上。在这片农场中,一棵百年橡树盘根错节,高耸入云。度假屋围绕橡树而设,平面布局呈马蹄形,向外可以欣赏种类丰富的树林景观。房屋的朝向经过精心设计,橡树树冠为庭院提供荫蔽,阳光则可以照亮建筑内的每一个房间。

Atop a ridge in the Santa Lucia mountains of Carmel, California, an oak tree stands elevated above the fog and wrapped at its base in this ranch retreat. The weekend home’s design grew around the 100-year-old Valley Oak to form a horseshoe-shaped house that gathers ridgeline views of Oak, Madrone, and Redwood groves at its exterior and nestles around the tree at its center. The home’s orientation offers both the shade of the oak canopy in the courtyard and the sun flowing into the great room at the house’s rear façades.

▼建筑围绕中部的橡树设置,the house was laid out around the oak tree in the center

▼巨大的橡树为庭院提供荫蔽,the great oak tree provided shade to the courtyard



▼主入口,main entrance

▼入口处楼梯细部,details of the staircase at the entrance

▼建筑后部设置泳池,swimming pool at the rear of the house

▼越过泳池可以欣赏自然风光,view to the nature across the swimming pool

This modern take on a traditional ranch home offers contemporary materials and landscaping to a classic typology. From the main entry in the courtyard, one enters the home’s great room and immediately experiences the dramatic westward views across the 70 foot pool at the house’s rear. In this expansive public area, programmatic needs flow and connect – from the kitchen, whose windows face the courtyard, to the dining room, whose doors slide seamlessly into walls to create an outdoor dining pavilion. The primary circulation axes flank the internal courtyard, anchoring the house to its site and heightening the sense of scale by extending views outward at each of the corridor’s ends. Guest suites, complete with private kitchen and living room, and the garage are housed in auxiliary wings connected to the main house by covered walkways.

▼开敞的起居空间,expansive public area

▼开放厨房,open kitchen

▼从厨房看向庭院,view to the courtyard from the kitchen

▼餐厅的拉门可以完全打开,形成户外用餐空间,sliding doors of the dining space could be completely opened to create an outdoor dining pavilion

▼走廊尽头的卧室,可以欣赏无限美景,bedroom at the end of the corridor with extending views outward


Building materials including pre-weathered corrugated steel cladding, buff limestone walls, and large aluminum apertures, and the interior palette of cedar-clad ceilings, oil-rubbed steel, and exposed concrete floors soften the modern aesthetics into a refined but rugged ranch home.

▼夜景,night view

Project size: 4063 ft2
Completion date: 2014
Project team: Feldman Architecture, Ground Studio Landscape Architecture

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