Qingdao Metro CR International Ocean Intelligence Zone Accelerator Office, China by DAGA Architects

The N-shaped and T-shaped spaces

Project Specs


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▼错层布置形成N形空间的路演厅与政务办公区,staggered floor layout formed the N-shaped space of the roadshow space and the government service area

▼N形空间下部的政务服务空间,government service area in the lower part of the N-shaped space

▼N形空间上部的路演厅,the roadshow hall at the top of the N-shaped space

Qingdao Metro CR International Ocean Intelligence Zone Accelerator Office, located in Huangdao District of Qingdao, not only carries the office acceleration function of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also meets the needs of roadshow and government service of the International Ocean Intelligence Zone. The special architectural shape causes an 18-degree angle of between the grid of the original building and the edge of the building. Also there is an angle of 18-degree between the glass curtain wall of the first floor and the ground. This condition has a great impact on the compact functional layout of the interior. At the same time, it also creates an opportunity to design a creative space.

The foyer on the first floor of the accelerator is about 200 square meters, which needs to meet the four functions of roadshow, government service, elevator waiting and reception at the same time, and does not interfere with each other. This design makes full use of the net height of 6.5 meters of interior spaces. The roadshow space and the government service area are arranged in staggered floors to form an N-shaped space. The N-shaped façade simultaneously eliminates the irregular structural columns in the space.

▼铝板设计细节,details of aluminum plate


▼办公空间生成过程,在原建筑空间中植入了新的T形空间,将原有扭转的结构柱全部消隐,generation process of the office space, implanting a new T-shaped space in the original building space to hide the original torsional structural columns

The office space of the accelerator is located on the second floor, and the influence of 18-degree angle between the building axis and the edge contour on the plan layout is more obvious. In order to ensure that all spaces do not have sharp angles, a new T-shaped space is implanted in the original building space, and the original torsional structural columns are completely disappeared.

▼二层的办公空间主入口,main entrance to office space on the second floor

▼办公空间主入口的接待处,the reception area at the main entrance to office space

▼共享休息区,the rest area

▼共享休息区,采用鲜艳的橙黄色,the rest area in the bright orange

▼加速办公区全景,overview of the accelerated office area

▼加速办公区局部,partial view of the accelerated office area

▼共享会议室,shared conference room

▼空间局部细节,space details

▼办公空间次入口,secondary entrance of office space


设计公司:DAGA Architects大观建筑设计

Project name: Qingdao Metro CR International Ocean Intelligence Zone Accelerator Office Interior Design
Project address: Huangdao District, Qingdao
Design Company: DAGA Architects
Design team: Ren Xiaowei, Xu Yunfei, Yang Xiaoling.
Project area: 1100㎡
Photographer: Wu Tou

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