Jingjiang Library Bar, China by metrics architecture studio

Boxes under the glass dome

Project Specs


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We had an opportunity to rethink some areas of the city via this project, which is a renovation for an abandoned dome for more than 10 years located in the city center of Jingjiang ,China in the central park and next to the city government. Instead of a monumental city library we proposed a space for interaction with the feeling of intimacy.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼室内由几个旋转的盒子构成,rotated boxes that is made of exposed concrete or double-sided bookshelves

▼多个阅读区,reading area


▼双面书架盒子,boxes that is made of double-sided bookshelves

The forms are created with rotated boxes that is made of exposed concrete or double-sided bookshelves according to the surrounding and the cluster is linked with three bridges serves as connection and vertical circulations, the flow of people became on interesting subject to observe in the space. The bridges not only serve as a performance of users reading, studying or interact it also is the main space for the MEP equipments.The new system for passive ventilation and energy saving has also been adapted to the original structure.

▼阅读区,reading area

▼双面书架细部及座椅,details of the shelf and chairs


Boxes in the glass dome creates playfulness also the feeling of interior and exterior, which led users has the chance to choose the atmosphere spaces they required in this situation. A space with serenity or a space full of interactions with sunlights. The boxes which is divided by the sector of books also has meeting rooms, literature, children rooms and an open terrace facing the lake and nature surrounding. Creating a new type of urban life under the dome.

▼二层概览,2F overview

▼盒子营造了室内与室外两种空间,boxes in the glass dome creates the feeling of interior and exterior

▼桥梁是阅读的场所,place for reading

▼充满阳光的阅读空间,interactions with sunlights


▼风环境分析及通风策略,architecture wind analysis

▼一层平面图,1F plan

▼二层平面图,2F plan


设计团队:Pey Lung, Li Yi-fan ,Benson Chen, Eason Su, Xiangcheng Xing

Architects:Metrics Architecture Studio(MAS)
Local Design Institute:SCDEC
Category:Public Architecture
Design Team:Pey Lung, Li Yi-fan ,Benson Chen, Eason Su, Xiangcheng Xing
Area:890.0 m2
Project Year:2019
Photo Credit:exile

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