Puwan CCRC, China by WIT Design & Research

Designed for senior citizens native to Beijing

Project Specs


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01. 简述
Brief statement


Reusing groups of ancient Siheyuan buildings, the community center of Puwan Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a specialized design for senior citizens native to Beijing. It is free of an institutional look and is centered around the idea that old people have relatively poor short-term memory, but they can clearly remember things that they experienced when they were young.

daily life in Siheyuan (left) and Siheyuan before reconstruction (right) ©方夏设计

▼改造后的一角,a corner after transformation ©罗振华


02. 挑战


The community center of the Puwan Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a specialized design for Beijing born and bred senior citizens. The space has been contextualized to reflect the area these citizens lived in when they were young. However, the design of almost all CCRCs in China has simply been copied from those in the US or Japan. Often, the elderly have relatively poor short-term memory, but they can clearly remember things that they experienced when they were young, including experiences in their former homes. Some senior citizens prefer to stay in their rooms rather than to engage in the public activities in the retirement community.

▼设计策略,design strategy ©方夏设计

▼还原老北京逛水果摊的场景,recreate the scene of shopping at the fruit stall ©方夏设计




A siheyuan is a historical type of residence in Beijing. This was a basic dwelling used by natives of Beijing when they were young. All the groups of ancient siheyuan buildings, courtyards and pathways have been covered with curtain wall and, as a result, have been fully integrated into one larger building in this project. The spaces have been extended and the deeper buildings have been brightened by the introduction of natural light. From the inside, the residents can better see the ancient roofs and facades of the buildings.

Siheyuan groups are transformed into a coherent space and used as a living room ©罗振华

more natural light is introduced into the room through the curtain wall and skylight ©罗振华

▼休闲区,leisure area ©罗振华

restaurant with both traditional and modern styles ©罗振华


Various social spaces, originally outside of the streets, have been created inside, such as an area where the elderly can play chess, a fruit stall and space to engage in conversation with others. In addition, a music room has been moved to a small courtyard and a two-storey library has been constructed in a larger courtyard. The elderly in Beijing have experienced many types of apartments in past decades and are attracted by ‘fresh’ memories within ancient siheyuan buildings full of the stories of their youth. The design for the CCRC stays away from an institutional feel.

▼音乐课室,music room ©罗振华

the elderly can read books and do various activities in this multi-functional library ©罗振华

The application of copper and wood satisfies the need for a cozy atmosphere and is one of the ways of avoiding a clinical feel ©罗振华

▼下棋室,chess-playing area ©罗振华

▼负一层平面,ground floor plan ©方夏设计

▼首层平面,plan 1F ©方夏设计

▼2层平面,plan 2F ©方夏设计

▼剖面图,section ©方夏设计

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018.2
主创设计:罗振华 赵公普
设计团队:杨琳 田昌鑫 韦强 林子俊 莫佳敏 赵亮 王超博 刘永久 柏丹

暖通专项:Green Ring
暖通设备:Green Ring;

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