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让有力量的语言,在红色革命老区的土地上继续生长。由湖北美术学院工业设计学院、江西省甘祖昌干部学院及湖美贺诚副教授的邀请,Y-shuo studio 代表南京艺术学院工业设计学院,非常荣幸地参与到“设计筑梦红土地”的项目中。值此中国共产党建党百年的时刻,Y-shuo studio以艺术链接公众、营造乡村,传扬红色文化,向伟大的祖国献礼!

Let the powerful language continue to grow on the land of the old revolutionary base areas. Invited by Associate Professor He Cheng of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Jiangxi Ganzuchang Executive Leadership Academy and Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, On behalf of the school of industrial design of Nanjing University of Arts, Y-shuo studio is very honored to participate in the project of “Design Brings Dreams to the Red Land”At the time of the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Y-shuo studio links the public with art, builts villages, spreads red culture and presents a gift to the great motherland!

▼项目视频 © Y-Shuo studio


This is the hometown of the founding major general Gan Zuchang. He was also a “general farmer” who resigned from the Logistics Department of the Xinjiang Military Region in 1957 and returned to his hometown to work in agriculture.Today, this old revolutionary red area is still simple and honest. Word of mouth tells the story of general Gan and “old aunt” Gong Quanzhen, who did not forget the original intention of the Communists and returned to the masses to build their hometown.

Top view panorama ©夸父摄影

Top view details ©夸父摄影


July 1, 2021 is the Centennial birthday of the party. The team takes the art project “Every Drop of Power Can Converges Into a River” as the connection point between the network and reality. At the historic moment of the centennial anniversary of the Communist Party of China, the project team launched an online activity to collect personal feelings of the party’s centenary, which included 1549 comments from Internet citizens. Let the people who have been to or have never been to Yanbei village gather their original intention, feelings and wishes for the party and the motherland in this old red revolutionary base area.It not only creates the village public space physically, but also uses the power of language to shape the internal space of the public.

Live picture ©夸父摄影

creating the village public space physically ©夸父摄影


Spcae Concept © Y-Shuo studio

Profile Analysis © Y-Shuo studio

The team with the local childrens picked up about 1000 massage, written on 1000stones from Yanbei village. 1000 written stones are placed in the middle of the square to form a 2m * 24m matrix, and the pedestrian flow line of the original square space is sorted out.

The villagers participated in the art ©曹力文

the pedestrian flow line of the original square space is sorted out ©曹力文


On the top of the matrix, 10 hydraulically formed polished steel balls of different sizes are suspended or placed directly by fish line. The core idea of general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech in the 71 speech. Through the mirror image of the sphere, the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Communist Party of China in the new era is intertwined with the “original intention” of the public, netizens and the surrounding environment.

The writing stone reflected in the metal ball © KuaFu Photo


In the end, the length of stay of the stones on the square will be determined by the villagers and the latecomers. They can continue to write “Chu Xin” here, or they can take the “Chu Xin” as a souvenir, or these stones will be taken to any place in this land by children. Let this “big river” run to a more distant and broader place.

details of the written stone on the square ©夸父摄影

The written stones were scattered in the village © Yongqi Tu Photo

Writing on stone © Y-Shuo studio

项目设计 & 完成年份:2021年07

Project name: Every Drop of Power Can Converges Into a River
Design: Y-Shuo studio
Contact e-mail: 55514394@qq.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2021年07
Leader designer & Team: Yang Shuo、Tu Yongqi、Cao Liwen、Ding Xiao、Meng Jincheng
Project location: Yanbei village, Lianhua County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province
Gross Built Area: 48㎡
Photo credits: KuaFu Photo studio、 Cao Liwen
Clients: GanZuchang Executive Leadership Academy

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