Project N.0378, Shanghai, China by AIM Architecture

an exhibition that offers an insight into architecture, interior design, and furniture projects

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards AIM Architecture for providing the following description:

“项目编号0378”是AIM恺慕建筑作品的特别呈现。届时,将展出其在建筑、室内、软装与家具设计中的独到洞察。展览中,观众可探索AIM恺慕建筑多年来的创作成果及创始人Wendy Saunders & Vincent de Graaf的设计心路与灵感历程。展览灵感取自AIM对建筑现状与未来的思索——它是模糊的、多变的、不断提出新问题的。在这里,我们将赞颂建筑之美——强而有力、突破边界,颠覆反常,甚至会推动社会变革。通过展览,AIM试图观测与解读建筑的本质:建筑,绝非静止的构筑物,而是在持续演进;建筑的构造正在被重新解读、重新编译、重新想象、重新架构和创造;建筑亦是反叛的,它们重塑城市肌理,延展更多功能意义上的可能性。—正如我们所思、所做。

Project No.0378 by AIM ARCHITECTURE, is an exhibition that offers an insight into architecture, interior design, and furniture projects. An invitation to understand the design journey, of AIM’s founders: Wendy Saunders & Vincent de Graaf. The exhibition is inspired by buildings and their future: their ambiguity, ever changing – always questioning. Here we celebrate their power, blurring boundaries, their disruptiveness and being the creators of social change. Seeing buildings for what they really are: ever-evolving structures, never static. As we are. Structures that are reprogrammed, redefined, reimagined, reinvented, reframed. As we are. Buildings as rebels, creating new urban landscapes, creating new possibilities of use. As we do.

▼展览空间概览,overview © Tian Fangfang


二层 | 2nd floor:


▼视频,二层展览空间,video of the second floor space © 恺慕建筑设计事务所

The second floor, “Indoor Landscape”, is dedicated to AIM’s founders, their design approach and the people they work with every day: a group of international and passionate urban planners, architects and designers. Here, the space has been thought around a unique object: a vast table with multiple levels, made from an accumulation of 16,000 coconut bricks. By using this 100% eco-friendly and sustainable brick and repeating a pre-established pattern AIM combines together three main aspects of their business: a table, with its functions that becomes a small architecture, and ends-up as a landscape.

▼“巨型桌子”概览,overview of the vast table © Tian Fangfang

▼椰子砖的连续堆叠和摆放,an accumulation of coconut bricks © Tian Fangfang


On top of it, 10 brushed stainless steel trays – a perfect contrast with the rawness of the bricks, aligned with sophisticated reading lights highlighting models and exhibition materials.

▼不同材质构成的空间,space of different materials © Tian Fangfang

▼细部,details © Tian Fangfang


三层 | 3rd floor:


▼视频,三层展览空间,video of the third floor space © 恺慕建筑设计事务所

The third floor, “Raw”, composed of 3 mirrored rooms located in an unprocessed space translate and enhance the best, AIM and the core of its identity: Raw yet Refined and Elegant. Creating an engaging dialogue between the original building and these three rooms, AIM invites you to walk through and discover several projects inside.

▼从楼梯到达三层,arriving the third floor through the stairs © Tian Fangfang

▼镜面反射出楼梯,the mirror reflecting the stairs © Tian Fangfang

▼镜面倒映四周风景,the mirror reflecting the surroundings © Tian Fangfang

▼三个镜面房间围合成展览空间,3 mirrored rooms for exhibition © Tian Fangfang

▼内部展板,the internal display board © Zhu Runzi

▼灯具与家具,the lighting and the furniture © Zhu Runzi

▼细部,details © Tian Fangfang


四层 | 4th floor: 

四楼,即顶层,是“AIM食堂”。它献给上海这座见证了AIM绝大多数项目孕育的城市。AIM食堂构建了一个大胆而新颖的社区空间,宾客汇聚在此,共同庆祝AIM 15周年。房间中四散摆放的14张“像素桌”,是AIM标志意义的原创设计。“像素桌”,不仅是为15周年庆重新定制,更会开放限量出售—将展品延续至自己的家居空间中。

The fourth and last floor, “AIM canteen”, is dedicated to the city of Shanghai, which where most of the agency’s projects were born.  A bold yet fresh vision of its community, where people can gather and celebrate AIM’s 15 years anniversary. Seating in the middle of this room, the 14 Pixel Tables – one of the company’s signature design piece has been exclusively re-produced for the event. These tables are up for sale – take a part of the experience back home.

▼顶层的社区空间,community space on the fourth floor © Tian Fangfang

▼“像素桌”的组合,the combination of the Pixel Tables © Tian Fangfang

▼细部,details © Tian Fangfang

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan © 恺慕建筑设计事务所

▼三层平面图,the third floor plan © 恺慕建筑设计事务所

▼四层平面图,the fourth floor plan © 恺慕建筑设计事务所

项目名称: 项目编号0378
建筑事务所/公司/机构/单位: 恺慕建筑设计事务所
公司所在地: 中国上海
项目完成年份: 2021
建筑面积: 750平方米
项目地址: 上海市徐汇区武康路55号
主创建筑师: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf
摄影师: Tian Fangfang, Zhu Runzi
设计总监:Wendy Saunders,Vincent deGraaf
合作方: HARMAY话梅,磊靖公司,派韵家具,跃奔装饰,富美家,摩根布料,Rosa Gallica, &tradition, 东德建设

Project Name: Project N.0378
Architecture Firm: AIM Architecture
Contact e-mail:
Firm Location: shanghai, china
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area: 750 sqm
Project location: shanghai, china
Lead Architects: Wendy Saunders,Vincent deGraaf
Photo credits: Tian Fangfang, Zhu Runzi
Design Principals: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf
Collaborators: HARMAY, BIWIN, YUEBEN DÉCOR, Formica, Morgan fabric, Dongde Décor, Rosa Gallica, &tradition

More: 恺慕建筑设计对gooood的分享。更多关于他们:AIM Architecture on gooood

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