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2018年5月位于Utrecht 的Princess Máxima中心正式开始运作。自此,荷兰所有与癌症儿童相关的医疗保健、研究和培训都集中在这里。每年约有600名18岁及以下儿童被诊断为癌症,但幸运的是治疗方式一直在不断改善,已有75%以上的患者有望痊愈。然而,这仍有改进余地:患者的治愈率应达到100%,副作用与后遗症概率需要降低,Princess Máxima中心的目标是到2020年成为世界前五的儿童肿瘤研究中心。

The Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht opened in May 2018. From that point onwards, all healthcare, research and training in the Netherlands related to children with cancer is concentrated in one place. Every year 600 children aged anywhere up to 18 are diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, the treatment options are getting better all the time and more than 75% of patients can now expect to be cured. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement: the proportion of patients cured should be raised to 100%, the side effects and late effects of treatment need to be reduced and by 2020 the Princess Máxima Center aims to be one of the world’s top five paediatric oncology research institutes in the world.

▼中心室内空间,interior of the centre

Princess Máxima中心将提供以发展为中心的医疗保健。尽管患有疾病,年轻的患者仍旧在成长,对他们认知、社会情绪和运动发育的鼓励非常重要。这意味着医院的组织、室内布局和设施必须符合很高的标准。MMEK’在设计过程中与其它相关人员如病人、父母、利益集团、医疗保健专业人士、建筑管理者一起协作,确保满足所有的标准。

The Princess Máxima Center will offer development-centred healthcare. Despite their illness, young patients are still growing and it is important to encourage their cognitive, socio-emotional and motor development. This means that the hospital’s organisation, interior layout and facilities must meet high standards. MMEK’ involved all stakeholders, such as patients, parents, interest groups, healthcare professionals and building management in the design process to ensure that these standards could be fulfilled.

▼采用温暖的材料与颜色,warm colours and materials are used

新中心所有的方面都基于一个设计理念,将实现以发展为中心的医疗保健作为最终目标。科学研发中心、建筑场地、公园与理念紧密结合,有助于为儿童及其成长提供一个积极的环境。室内所有的元素都体现了Princess Máxima中心品牌的标志性思想。房间、家具、玩具都是整体设计的一部分。室内设计风格统一并且在整个建筑中每个房间都具有可识别性,形成了一个便于理解和熟悉的环境。

All aspects of the new center have been designed based on a single philosophy and are devoted to development-centred healthcare. The Science Discovery Center, the Building site and the Park all form part of a seamless concept and contribute to a stimulating environment centred on children and their ongoing development. The brand identity of the Princess Máxima Center is expressed in all elements of the interior. Its rooms, furniture and toys form part of an integral design. The interior is styled in a uniform manner, which is recognisable throughout the building, making it an understandable and familiar environment.

▼设计以儿童为中心,design is centred on children

a stimulating environment for children‘s ongoing development of different ages


The center aims to be a safe and stimulating place for patients and their parents where everyday family life can continue as much as possible. MMEK’ designs unforgettable spaces that combine digital, physical and spatial elements into unique experiences. Spaces for healthcare, museums and brand experience centers. Its architects, interior designers, industrial designers and multimedia developers spent a great deal of time working together on the design. Their reversed design approach created a holistic interior. In reversed design, it is not the architectural construction, but instead the needs and wishes of the users that are most important.

a place for patients and their parents where everyday family life can continue as much as possible

▼空间与数字技术结合起来,spaces combined with digital technique

▼先进的技术设施,advanced facilities


The result is a strong, harmonious design centred on patients, their families and healthcare professionals. During the design process for this integrated design, MMEK’ deployed mock-ups and virtual reality. This made it possible to realistically visualise various areas and facilities at an early stage, allowing them to be discussed and assessed by the stakeholders. This meticulous approach is the only way to produce a result supported by all stakeholders.

▼室内供儿童玩耍的装置,installation for children

▼装置细部,installation detail

Photo:Erik van ‘t Woud / Hollandse Hoogte

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