POKE POKE restaurant, Shanghai by STUDIO DOHO

a unique restaurant designed with “Urban Surf” concept

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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STUDIO DOHO为POKE POKE 餐厅的上海店设计了一个以“都市冲浪”为主题的空间。这个32平米的项目位于静安区的一个老上海里弄的一层。渐变的蓝色立面和冲浪板一般的工作台面打造一个大胆的都市宣言。

STUDIO DOHO   developed an “Urban Surf” concept for new Shanghai-based restaurant POKE POKE. The 32 sqm project, situated on the ground floor of an old Shanghainese lane house in the Jing’an District of the city, makes a bold statement with its gradient blue façade and surfboard inspired countertops. 

▼“都市冲浪”为主题的餐馆,the restaurant with “Urban Surf” concept ©Image courtesy STUDIO DOHO + M2STUDIO


The client’s brief challenged the designers to create a modern eatery that reflects the Hawaiian origins of its food within the constraints of the small space. STUDIO DOHO created outdoor bar counters that transition into the ordering area, while linking the interior and exterior space.  The counter-tops with a colorful surfboard tip to integrate them into the façade.  The storefront was designed with a gradient tile mosaic that transitions from ocean blue to white, adding color to the streetscape.

▼点餐区向室外延伸形成户外吧台,形成室内空间和室外空间的自然过渡,the outdoor bar counters transiting into the ordering area ©Image courtesy STUDIO DOHO + M2STUDIO

▼渐变马赛克立面为街道增添一抹亮眼的元素,a gradient tile mosaic facade adding color to the streetscape ©Image courtesy STUDIO DOHO + M2STUDIO


Extensive demolition work was required on the interior, including adding steel structure to allow the existing walls to be removed and create sufficient space for the kitchen and dining area.   The colorful material palette was kept simple on the cozy interior, creating a relaxing café atmosphere

▼简单色调构成的室内如同咖啡馆一般的舒适,the interior with simple color palette has a relaxing café atmosphere ©Image courtesy STUDIO DOHO + M2STUDIO

▼用餐区,the dining area ©Image courtesy STUDIO DOHO + M2STUDIO

▼餐桌细节,the detail of dining table ©Image courtesy STUDIO DOHO + M2STUDIO

▼霓虹灯,the neon light ©Image courtesy STUDIO DOHO + M2STUDIO




Client:  Poke Poke
Interior Design:  STUDIO DOHO
Lead Designers:  Xin Dogterom, Jason Holland
Graphic Design:  Katherine Szeto
Photography:  M2STUDIO
Completed:  January 2017

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