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享誉国际的设计师Paul Cocksedge在伦敦Broadgate街区打造了“Please Be Seated”地标装置,这是地产公司British Land支持的“地标装置项目”(Landmark Project)中规模最大的一项作品。


Internationally renowned British designer Paul Cocksedge is transforming Broadgate with Landmark Project, Please Be Seated. Commissioned by Broadgate, the project will be the most ambitious of British Land’s Landmark installations to date.

▼鸟瞰,overhead view

项目的大型结构呼应了社区不断变化的节奏:其曲线形的设计让行人不仅可以随意坐卧,还能在拱桥状的曲面下任意穿行,从而进一步增强伦敦最大步行街区的吸引力。Paul Cocksedge与常驻埃塞克斯的高端室内装饰公司White & White合作,在装置中实现了对脚手架木板的重新构思和利用。

▼项目及周边环境概览,environment and the project

▼游客纷纷在此参观、休憩,tourists visit and have a rest here

The large-scale structure responds to the changing rhythm of the community: its design features curves for people to sit on and walk under, further enhancing London’s largest pedestrianised neighbourhood. Made from scaffolding planks, Paul Cocksedge is collaborating with Essex-based high-end interiors company, White & White, to re-imagine and re-use the building wood.

▼装置中实现了对脚手架木板的重新构思和利用,the project re-imagined and re-used the scaffolding planks


▼行人可以在曲面平滑处随意倚靠和静坐,the space for people to sit and walk under

“Every single aspect of the installation is tailored to its environment as well as the function it serves. The curves raise up to create backrests and places to sit, as well as space for people to walk under, or pause and find some shade. It walks the line between a craft object and a design solution. It occupies the square without blocking it,” says Cocksedge.

▼曲面为行人的倚坐和穿行提供了空间,the arched surface provides space for pedestrians to move through and sit

▼装置细部,details of the installation

Where: Finsbury Avenue Square, Broadgate, EC2M 2PA
When: 14 September – 11 October 2019
Supported: Broadgate and British Land
Further Support: ARUP and White & White London

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