Pitaro – Office Furniture Showroom by Baranowitz & Goldberg Architects + Pitsou Kedem Architects

An elegant backdrop for furniture exhibiting

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Pitaro是以色列领先的办公家具进口商之一,由工匠Moshe Pitaro在1962年创办,并由他的女儿和女婿负责管理和经营。基于对设计与工艺的极大热情,Pitaro还开发出了许多独特的制造技术,包括模塑胶合板家具的专业化生产等。随着工作环境类设计的持续变化, Pitaro希望能够巩固并加强公司在当地市场的领先地位,并通过改造展厅来及时地适应当下工作空间设计的最新趋势。

Established by artisan Moshe Pitaro in 1962, and run by his daughter and son-in-law, Pitaro has been one of Israel’s leading office furniture importers for over 50 years. In addition, as their passion for design and artisanship runs deep, the company developed unique manufacturing capabilities, including a specialization in molded plywood furniture. With the design of the work environment constantly changing,  Pitaro felt it was time to reinforce his brand identity as a leading player in the local market, and transform their showroom so that it would duly reflect  the newest trends of today’s workspaces.



However, when we met and heard their story we knew that above all, Pitaro’s new showroom should evoke the recognition that Pitaro is first and foremost a very talented artisan. The challenge was two-fold. First to detach it experientially from its harsh industrial surrounding, as it is located in the heart of Holon’s old industrial zone; and secondly to create a space with an assertive architectural presence while being elegant and enabling as a backdrop for the furniture exhibited. With the showroom being Pitaro’s main offices as well as a showroom, the space was clearly divided to private areas for the offices on the entrance floor and mezzanine, and public open spaces for the showroom on the entrance level.

▼雕塑般的隔墙,the large sculpted partition

▼办公空间与展厅被分隔开,the offices and the showroom are clearly separated


The architecture is sculpted with monochromatic plains that vary in angles and shapes. As the space in its entirety is made of grey cement micro-topping, and completely closed-off from the outside, the boundaries between floor wall and ceiling dissolve. One of the ceiling plains acts as an artificial skylight, stretching all along the main space, drawing one to enter, leave the exterior world outside and embrace the unexpected experience.

▼天花板被作为提供人工照明的“天窗”使用,one of the ceiling plains acts as an artificial skylight, stretching all along the main space

▼室内细部,detailed view


The large sculpted partition, separating the private offices from the showroom carries the cantilevered stairway to the mezzanine level, from which a beautiful framed view of the showroom is exposed.

▼悬臂式楼梯,the cantilevered stairway

▼夹层办公区域,office area on the mezzanine

▼从夹层望向展厅,showroom seen from the mezzanine


The other separating element designed for the space is a tribute to Pitaro’s tradition of plywood molding. A wood library hovering in space on stainless steel cables was designed to be made by Pitaro.  New molds were created to bend the wood shelves, and the installation was assembled on site by no other then the owner himself.

▼木制陈列架通过不锈钢绳索被悬挂在空间当中,a wood library hovering in space on stainless steel cables was designed to be made by Pitaro

▼弧线形的置物板采用新开发的模具生成,new molds were created to bend the wood shelves


The space promotes a very strong sense of design while leaving much stage room for the designed items it is displaying.


Pitaro – Office Furniture Showroom
Area: 600 Sqm.
Project completion:
February 2018
Design: Baranowitz & Goldberg Architects in collaboration with Pitsou Kedem Architects
Lighting designer: Orly Avron Alkabes
Photography: Amit Geron

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