PINK MAMA by Crosby Studios

A modern interpretation of Soviet colors

Project Specs


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Nuriev wanted to keep the space true to the bones. He divided the restaurant into 2 zones – a red screaming bar and an airy hall for lunch during daylight hours of the day. This set the perfect contrast between food and alcohol.

▼餐厅概览,interior overview

▼用餐区和酒吧区的过渡区域,the transition between the bar and the dining area

▼醒目的红色酒吧,the red screaming bar

▼午餐区与酒吧区形成鲜明对比,the lunch zone contrasts with the red bar area

▼用餐空间细部,dinging area detailed view


Soviet colors were strongly used throughout the restaurant along with a large star symbolizing the Stalinist building. You can see numerous materials were used throughout the restaurant including copper, stainless steel, glass, concrete, velvet, acrylic mirror, mdf perforated, and oak veneer.

▼吧台区域的亚克力镜面,the acrylic mirror above the bar counter

▼酒吧细部,bar area partial view

▼五角星展现了苏维埃建筑元素,the large star symbolizing the Soviet colors

▼洗手间,rest room


PHOTOGRAPHER: Mikhail Loskutov

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