Pig Side-table + Components Storage by Mario Tsai

To explore more possibilities for aluminum application

Project Specs


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Pig Side-table

小猪边桌是蔡烈超为品牌 mx object 铝材系列设计的最新项目,通过探索找出铝材更多的应用可能性。

Pig side-table is the latest project for Chinese brand mx object ,which explores more possibilities for aluminum application.

“当我有一次去材料市场的时候,我发现很多很粗的铝管叠放在一起很有意思,出于好奇我买了一截直径 250mm 的铝管放入 自己的材料库中。当我把其余的购买的材料很自然地放入这个圆管中,发现这个顺手而又自然的储物过程就像是把硬币放入 储蓄罐中。我把两者的特点结合在一起发现它可以作为一个储物用的小家具,当我给他安装上一个桌面就变成了个有储物功 能的边桌,它看起来就像一只戴帽子的小猪”,设计师讲述了他的设计灵感来源。

“During a visit to the metal material market, I saw a lot of thick aluminum tubes stacked. Out of my curiosity about the material, I purchased a 250mm diameter aluminum tube. When I put the other materials I purchased naturally into this tube, I found that this process as nature as putting a coin into a piggy bank. When I combined the tube and piggy bank to find out that it was fully available as a storage side table, I only needed to add a desktop to it, just like a pig with a hat”, the designer talked about his inspiration of the design.

作为一个边桌,小猪不仅能满足边桌的功能,而且它还增加了储存杂志和杂物的功能,小猪的外形也能够让空间充满活力。 小猪边桌有两种不同的圆筒管径 250 毫米和 200 毫米,以此来满足不同的储物容量需求。

As a side-table, Pig not only satisfies the function of the side table, but also can store magazines and other sundries, it looks like a pig that makes the space more lively. Pig side-table has 2 different tube sizes, one with a diameter of 250mm and another with a 200mm, to meet different storage function requirements.


The table that seems to be slipping off the cylinder is actually very stable, capturing the static to dynamic moment makes the side table more visually impactful and artistic.

相对于其它金属材料,铝材非常轻盈,这对于产品能够减轻非常多的重量而减少运输成本。小猪边桌以非常系统的零件化方式来实现拆装,而圆筒都取材于常规市场的材料无须重新开发模具,圆筒只需要横向切割的加工方式让材料浪费降到最低, 这易于减少生产成本和提升材料利用率。

Compared to other metal materials, Aluminum is very light, which reduces the weight of the product and reduces transportation costs.The pig side-table is disassembled in a very systematic way. The tubes are made from materials in the conventional market,there is no need to redevelop the mold, and the horizontal cutting method of the tube can minimize material waste ,it’s a clever way to reduce the cost of production and improve material utilization.

Year : 2018
Client : mx object ( www.mxobject.com / instagram: mx_object)
Size : 550*400*400mm
Material : Aluminum



Components Storage

零件系列是蔡烈超为探索铝材应用可能性而为品牌 mx object 设计。 桌面收纳“零件系列”产品灵感来自工业产品及器械的零部工件,并沿用其硬质外观及冷感材质的特性。设计中强调“线” 的存在,以经 CNC 精加工并经过极细喷砂氧化处理的铝材呈现,产生柔和而明确的光影关系,展现现代工业产品精确的工艺美感,整体层次分明雕塑感十足。零件系统总共分三个型号两个颜色,常用于收纳文具或者首饰,因重量感十足亦可作为镇纸.

The Components desk storage series is designed by Mario Tsai for the brand mx object to explore the possibility of aluminum application.The inspiration of Components series comes from the components of industrial products and machinery. The designer follows the properties including hard sharp outline and cold sense material to show the modern aesthetic feelings of the technology. The design emphasizes the existence of the “line” , presented in ultra-precision Machining aluminum, which produces a soft and clear light and shadow. Components series are always used to store stationery and jewelry, because of weight can also be used as a paperweight.

Year : 2017
Client : mx object ( www.mxobject.com / instagram: mx_object)
Material : Aluminum
Size : 220 * 60 * 15mm
Designer : Mario Tsai

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