Project Salt , Amsterdam by MVRDV

High quality offices with variety of different windows

Project Specs


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▼Salt坐落在阿姆斯特丹的港口区域,Salt is located at Amsterdam’s port area

▼建筑外观,exterior view

Small and mid-size companies often have trouble finding suitable office space in Amsterdam. The creative industry has seemingly unrealistic demands when it comes to office locations: an incubator of ideas, which is spacious and inspiring, with a unique design at a great location with car access. Salt is a response to these needs, providing small, high quality offices, each with a unique identity. The building forms part of Amsterdam’s port redevelopment Minervahaven, contributing to its ambition to become a new creative hub.

▼由特殊混凝土框架堆叠而成的方形体量,a cube-shaped building with distinct concrete frames stacked on top of each other

▼每个窗户的框架都有所不同,为建筑立面赋予了独特的观感,a variety of different windows are arranged in a random order so that the façade offers a different view depending on what side it is approached from

建筑分为五层,拥有一个30m x 30m x 20m的、由特殊混凝土框架堆叠而成的方形体量。不同类型的窗户以5m x 4m为单元分布在混凝土框架内部,为建筑立面赋予了独特的观感。这些窗户的排列顺序是随机的,因此每个立面都能够带来不同的视野。

Salt is five levels high and a 30m x 30m x 20m cube-shaped building with distinct concrete frames stacked on top of each other. The concrete frames house a variety of different windows permeating the façade to keep the individuality of each 5m x 4m unit. Windows are arranged in a random order so that the buildings’ distinct glass and concrete façade offers a different view depending on what side it is approached from.

▼立面细部,facade detailed view

建筑内部根据创意型公司的需求被设计为宽敞且粗犷的阁楼式空间: 没有设置吊顶,只有裸露的混凝土、铝材和钢,以及灵活开放的平面布局。太阳能屋顶使建筑能够自行产生一些能量。停车场则位于建筑的底座。

The interior of the building follows the demands of creative companies for large, roughly finished, loft-like spaces: no hung ceilings, exposed materials such as concrete, aluminium and steel, and flexible floorplans. A solar roof means that the building will generate some of its energy, whilst parking is located inside the plinth.

▼宽敞且粗犷的阁楼式空间,large, roughly finished, loft-like spaces

▼灵活开放的平面布局,interior based on flexible open plans

▼开阔的海港视野,port view from the office


All of the building’s flexible loft-style working spaces are offered as rental spaces that can either consist of a whole floor or dived into smaller units. A private roof garden introduces a social gathering space at the south facade of the building while the full height lobby space with its grand cascading stairs connects the various levels vertically.

▼通高大厅内的层叠式楼梯,the grand cascading stairs installed in the full height lobby space


该项目是由MVRDV应NIC Building Ambitions的委托而设计。

MVRDV was commissioned to design Salt by NIC Building Ambitions.

▼夜景,night view

▼室外平台,outdoor terrace

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Year: 2017+
Client: NIC Building Ambitions
Programme: 3,700 m2 offices and parking
Architect: MVRDV, Principal in Charge: Jacob van Rijs
Design Team: Gijs Rikken with Guido Boeters, Arjen Ketting, Ivo Hoppers and Victor Perez Equiluz
Copyright: MVRDV 2018 – (Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries)
Project managers: Firmus Vastgoed and Bulters & Bulters
Contractor: Barten Groep
Structural Engineer: Ikaabee
MEP Engineer: Denned
MEP advisor: Hamel Regeltechniek

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