EC House by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura + Stephane Arriola

The architecture is deeply rooted in tradition, and the materials greatly influence the way that spaces are built

Project Specs


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Situated on the outskirts of the town in a densely vegetated area, the site has a gentle slope with views of the surrounding mountains. Architecture in the area is deeply rooted in tradition, and materials found in the landscape greatly influence the way spaces are built. The EC house embraces these cultural features and adapts them to the needs of a family of city dwellers.

▼融于环境中的住宅,the house in the landscape


The main objective was to place the house with minimum disturbance to the location while allowing the inhabitants to be in constant interaction with the landscape. Our approach was adapting to the natural elements on site, splitting the program into different volumes and placing them around the existing pine trees. Three volumes arranged around a circulation core constitute the main house. Designed with spatial richness in mind, the main floor adjusts to the terrain surface and inner patios provide light and ventilation creating atmospheres with unique characteristics. A terraced courtyard functions as a central plaza linking the front and back of the plot, as well as creating a space for interaction between the main house and the guest rooms. Across the main social areas on the ground floor, a visual axis is respected to facilitate communication between spaces.

▼住宅被分割成不同的空间体量,splitting the program into different volumes

▼户外露台连通各体量,the different volumes are connected through the public space


▼户外露台让居住生活与自然环境更加亲密, the terraces contribute to the intimacy of the living with nature


Hardwood flooring was used to create a continuous surface that extends the public spaces into outer decks reinforcing the interaction with the surrounding vegetation. A metallic formwork was designed to build the stone walls that enclose the volumes, updating traditional building methods and accelerating the overall construction process. Our goal was to bring together the timeless with the modern, the local with the universal, the village and the city into a weekend house in the forest.

▼中央生活区域与各个建筑体量在视线上连通,across the main social areas on the ground floor, a visual axis is respected to facilitate communication between spaces

▼随处可见与自然的融合,the natural sense is everywhere


▼场地图,site plan

▼下层平面图,lower floor plan

▼上层平面图,the upper floor plan


Project name: EC House
Architect’s Firm: AM30 Taller de Arquitectura + Stephane Arriola
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Atemajac de Brizuela, México
Completion Year: 2017
Gross Built Area (square meters): 385 m2
Lead Architects: Emilia Sartoris, Bernardo Hernandez, Stephane Arriola
Other participants:
Rafael Martín del Campo [ Structural Engineer ]
Photo credits: Lorena Darquea Schettini
Photographer’s website:

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