Durch lookout by Zdeněk Fránek

To be humble, the lookout frames the landscape as the most beautiful picture.

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在捷克Valašské Příkazy小镇的后山上,坐落着由建筑师Zdeněk Fránek设计的Durch瞭望台。站在此处,来访者们便可以一览周围的美景。游人们来此停顿歇息,野游赏景,感受与自然环境的融合。

In the hills above Valašské Příkazy in the Zlín region in Czech Republic grew up a lookout Durch designed by architect Zdeněk Fránek. Durch is a tribute to the view of the landscape. It is meant to stimulate and realize this beauty. It also serves as a sitting for passers-by, place for a snack or a shelter in bad weather.

建筑师Zdeněk Fránek这样描述这座瞭望台:“它是一个极简化的木结构物体,没有繁杂的装饰却饱含精致的细节,它朴素谦和,却围框出最美的景色。”

Architect Zdeněk Fránek portrayed the observatory as a “minimalist wooden construction with clear details without any significant element. So to be humble, and above all, the outlook through the lookout, which frames the landscape as the most beautiful picture, was created.”


The family-owned firm Janošík, which produces windows under the hill where the Durch lookout is located, is behind the idea and realization of the observatory. “I was thinking about redesigning our billboards. Eventually, the desire to rebel against the cluttering of nature combined with advertising collided with our corporate philosophy of clear outlook. From day to day we canceled all our billboards and began to work on the Durch lookout – our honor of the undisturbed view. “Jakub Janošík.

architect: Zdeněk Fránek
concept: Jakub Janošík
realization: Janošík Windows-Doors
materials: oak beams
photography: BoysPlayNice
project year: 2017
year of implementation: 2018
locality: Valašské Příkazy

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