In-progress: Phase Three of Battersea Power Station Regeneration, London by Foster + Partners & Gehry Partners

inspiring cooperation, brand new look of the old landmark

Project Specs

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作为伦敦知名的历史地标,巴特西发电站的更新改造汇集了众多世界著名的建筑事务所。其中,三期工程由Gehry Partners和Foster + Partners共同打造,涵盖了位于场地以南的电气大道(The Electric Boulevard)和两侧的新住宅区。根据规划,电气大道将成为42英亩开发区的主要门户,连接着发电站和北部扩建中的新车站。公寓项目集中分布在大道两侧,包括超过1300户大小、风格各异的住房,一家可提供160间客房的酒店以及丰富的零售空间和餐饮休闲设施。

Phase Three, a major part of the regeneration of the Battersea Power Station site, has been designed by Gehry Partners and Foster + Partners and includes new homes and a new high street, known as The Electric Boulevard, in an area to the south of the landmark power station. The Electric Boulevard will be the main gateway to the 42-acre development, connecting the Northern Line Extension station with the Power Station. The phase includes more than 1,300 homes in a range of sizes and styles in two zones on either side of the boulevard, as well as a 160-room hotel, retail spaces, restaurants and leisure facilities.

▼巴特西发电站项目规划方案,Battersea Power Station Project Planning Scheme © Foster + Partners

▼从公寓的屋顶公园欣赏历史地标,view of the historical landmarks from the apartment’s rooftop garden © Vink Visuals – Foster + Partners

电气大道以东是Gehry Partners设计的“Prospect Place” ,由五栋建筑组成,提供了约一半的住宅单元,以及符合街道尺度的双层零售空间、社区公园和多功能社区中心。其中,公寓楼“Flower”造型独特,令人瞩目。

电气大道以西,Foster + Partners创造了起伏的 “The Skyline”。建筑涵盖规划中的另一半住宅,包括103间保障性住房,一个医疗中心以及一家160间客房的酒店。

Gehry Partners has designed the five buildings to the east of The Electric Boulevard known as “Prospect Place”, which comprises around half of the planned residential units, double-height retail spaces at street level, a community park and multi-use community hub, and the distinctive “Flower” building.

Foster + Partners has designed the undulating building to the west of The Electric Boulevard called “The Skyline”, which brings together the other half of the planned homes, including 103 units of affordable housing, in addition to a medical centre and 160-room hotel.

▼“The Skyline”效果图,功能丰富的综合体建筑,”The Skyline” renderings, a multi-functional complex © Vink Visuals – Foster + Partners


Two floors of retail front on to the western side of the street, while generous breaks in the façade allow daylight to reach the public spaces below. The entire top of the building is laid out as one of London’s largest roof gardens – over a quarter of a kilometre long, the garden will have views of the Power Station, river and city beyond.

▼项目模型,左右各为Gehry Partners和Foster + Partners设计的住宅综合体,model, building complex designed by Gehry Partners and Foster + Partners © Ghery Partners

Appointment: 2013
Area: 90,688m²
Landscape Architect: LDA Design
Completion: 2025
Client: Battersea Power Station Development Company Ltd
Team: Grant Brooker, Andy Bow, Dan Sibert, Bassem Fawwaz, Krzysztof Gornicki

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