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Varied ceiling elements create a unique interior atmosphere

Project Specs


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项目位于墨西哥城东北部,Prado Sur街上某公司办公楼的一层,是一家新开的日本料理餐厅。

Oku is a new Japanese restaurant located at the northeast area of Mexico City in the ground floor of a corporate office building at Prado Sur street.

▼项目外观,exterior of the project © Yoshihiro Koitani


The formal structure of the space appears as a faceted cave-like atmosphere which is cut and deformed to adapt to the various necessities of the restaurant. Although the ceiling element is constantly changing it generates a unifying space with a range of unique diverse areas such as outdoor terrace, sushi bar, and several layouts for seating areas.

▼室外露台,outdoor terrace © Yoshihiro Koitani

▼室内空间概览,overall of the project interior © Yoshihiro Koitani


Three legs are pulled down from the ceiling to match program and aesthetic ambitions. One reaches the ground and becomes a service column that holds the bathrooms, while the other two are cut at 2.4 m and create an artificial lighting element that frames the sushi bar and gives character to the interior. These elements are internally cladded with brass to contrast the rawness of the cement celling. The rest of the interior is oak wood which in relation with the other materials set a sepia-like ambience.

▼天花板示意图,scheme of the ceiling elements © Michan Architecture

▼天花板三处下降,形成了独特的审美风格,three legs are pulled down from the ceiling form an unique aesthetic © Yoshihiro Koitani

▼独具特色的寿司吧台,unique sushi bar © Yoshihiro Koitani

▼内部的黄铜饰面与水泥饰面的天花板形成鲜明对比, brass inside contrast the rawness of the cement celling © Yoshihiro Koitani

▼天花板的一处下拉至地面,形成服务空间,one reaches the ground and becomes a service column that holds the bathrooms © Yoshihiro Koitani

▼天花板细部,detail of the ceiling © Yoshihiro Koitani


The kitchen and services of the space are placed at the back corner of the space, opening the rest of the layout for the reception entry, sushi bar and interior/ exterior space for different types of seating layouts.

▼餐厅入口与寿司吧台细部,detail of the entrance and the sushi bar © Yoshihiro Koitani

▼桌椅细部,detail of the seating © Pepe Escárpita

▼平面图,plan © Michan Architecture

▼立面图,elevation © Michan Architecture

▼剖面图,section © Michan Architecture

Architect: Michan Architecture http://michanarchitecture.com/
Project Team: Isaac Michan, Alan Eskildsen
Location: Mexico City
Type: Interior design
Size: 100 m2
Year: 2018
Photos: Yoshihiro Koitani, Pepe Escárpita
Status: Built
M/E/P Civil Engineer: Imati
Furniture: Paul Roco
Terrazzo and ceiling work: Fabrica de Los Angeles
Construction Manager/ General Contractor: Michan Architecture

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