Sedlčany Community Centre by A8000

A unique prayer house and a simple tenement house.

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Sedlčany Community Centre is situated close to the historic centre of Sedlčany in Central Bohemia, south of Prague. It consists of two buildings establishing a natural transition between the town’s historic block structure and the less densely developed area.

▼项目概览,经济型住宅(左),祷告室(右),overview,the tenement house(left),the prayer house(right) © Ondřej Bouška


The tenement house ends the street line establishing a corner. The point of gravity of the slightly stepped-back house of prayer is rotated towards the town’s centre closing and orienting the new municipal park at the same time. Two different approaches are used for the tenement house and the house of prayer; the more traditionally conceived tenement house is by its expression and composition conforms to the house of prayer establishing a quality space for it. It is designed as a simple or even modest form referring to the distinct shape of the house of prayer by its inclining plane in the back section.

▼总平,两栋建筑之间的空间丰富街道景观© A8000
site view,space between two buildings enriches street landscape

▼经济型住宅,沿街布置,the tenement house,along the street © Ondřej Bouška

▼祷告室,独特的斜墙造型,the prayer house,the distinct shape by its inclining plane © Ondřej Bouška


The house of prayer’s shape builds on the intersection of a crystalline form and organic shape of the curve. The solid form composed of individual planes and lines fixed into the ground symbolizes the limited space of life. A curve as a soft organic element represents the spontaneity and dynamics of life – a curve that disbalances us from the solid form. The spiritual dimension of the building’s character is expressed by the vertical composition of the light, generous glazed areas above the rostrum. From the structural point of view, the house of prayer consists of three concrete slabs leaning against each other. Its façade is made of expanded sheet metal. A red foil is placed below the sheets creating the final colour effect. The house of prayer changes its colour during daytime depending on the intensity and direction of sunlight. The colour scheme is also affected by the distance from the house of prayer. When we are close to it, we perceive the red colour more; when we walk away, the silver colour takes over.

▼远观祷告室,外观呈银色,a distant view to the prayer house,silver appearance © Ondřej Bouška

▼近观祷告室,外观呈红色,a close view to the prayer house,red appearance © Ondřej Bouška

▼材质细节,details of materials © Ondřej Bouška

▼主厅祭坛上方的天窗,the skylight above the rostrum in the main hall © Ondřej Bouška

祷告室的外墙倾斜,但内部由四面垂直的墙体分隔。洗礼池是礼拜仪式的核心元素,位于主厅中空间最高的地方,是祷告室的核心。它由雕塑家Jaroslava Kadlecová设计,是洗礼行为的具象化。主厅左侧的高墙围合出小空间,用于更私密的礼拜仪式。与之相对的是宽敞的入口,体现了空间的开放性,消除了室内外的界限。室内的地面、墙体和天花均使用白色,搭配轻质木材,与建筑外观形成鲜明对比,营造了祷告室的氛围。其中,吸声木板确保大厅良好的声学效果,板面下是通风和制冷设备。

The internal space is divided by four vertical walls longitudinally; contrary, lateral walls are inclining. Composition-wise, the main hall is at its peak above the most crucial liturgic element – the baptistery, the heart of the entire house of prayer. The sculptor Jaroslava Kadlecová approached the shape of the baptistery as a transcription of the liturgic act of baptism. The side chapels in the left section of the hall establish higher spaces for a more intimate liturgy. Contrary to that, the generously designed ceremonial entrance in the back part of the main hall expresses the openness of the space, removing the barrier between the exterior and the interior. Selected materials emphasize the house of prayer’s atmosphere. The combination of white areas of the floor, walls, and the ceiling, and the light wood in the interior contrasts with the outer appearance. The selected timber cladding provides for good acoustics of the main hall. It contains concealed soundwave-absorbing layers. Ventilation and cooling technology are placed below the acoustic cladding.

▼室内,地面、墙体和天花均使用白色,搭配轻质木材 © Ondřej Bouška
the interior,the combination of white areas of the floor, walls, and the ceiling, and the light wood in the interior

▼祭坛© Ondřej Bouška
the rostrum

▼洗礼池,是洗礼行为的具象化,the baptistery,a transcription of the liturgic act of baptism © Ondřej Bouška

▼主厅左侧的高墙围合出小空间,用于更私密的礼拜仪式© Ondřej Bouška
the side chapels in the left section of the hall establish higher spaces for a more intimate liturgy

▼祷告室平面,plan of the prayer house © A8000

▼祷告室立面,elevation of the prayer house © A8000

▼经济型住宅平面,plan of the tenement house © A8000

▼经济型住宅立面,elevation of the tenement house © A8000

Location: Sedlčany, Czech Republic
Architect: A8000, s. r. o. /Martin Krupauer, Pavel Kvintus, Daniel Jeništa, Stanislava Blažková
IG profile:
Sculptor: Jaroslava Kadlecová
Landscapers: F.L.E.R.A
Investor: Maranatha, z. s.
Contractor: HSF systém a.s.
Fitout vendor: Tecnoline s.r.o.
Photographer: Ondřej Bouška
Project: 2017-2018
Build: 2018-2019
Project area: 1290 m2

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