Persone Bar and Restaurant by Plus Architecture

The Italian laneway rediscovered

Project Specs


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Overlooking the Brisbane River from the podium of the new W Hotel, along Brisbane’s North Quay, this exciting new Italian restaurant creates a unique, raw Italian environment inspired by the authentic Italian laneway that sets this restaurant apart from all other offerings in Brisbane. The restaurant seats 210 diners, along with a 12-person private dining room with wine cellar and an outdoor terrace bar with lounge and dining.



The design brief received from the client was succinct. They requested a space that was equally edgy (‘New Italian’) and comfortable (yet not precious) with a little bit of grit in the design. The overall aesthetic desired was moody and atmospheric – emotion and feeling to be portrayed through lighting and fine details. The client wanted a space that would appeal to the broader demographic of potential diners.

▼用餐空间细部,dining area detailed view

设计对历史悠久的意大利街巷进行了现代化的诠释:材料和色彩的搭配参考了意大利建筑的灰泥墙肌理,定制的球形灯则是受到了街边路灯的启发。弧形的金属屏墙结合了意大利小巷阳台上常常出现的铁艺元素,在空间中起到引导顾客的作用。 一系列垂直的镜子悬挂在用餐空间上方,为每个座位带来独特的光影氛围,同时在美食体验与布里斯班河畔的夜生活之间建立持久的关联。

Reinforcing the concept as a modern interpretation of the historic Italian street, the palette used throughout was carefully considered. Paying homage to the historic Italian facades are the textured stucco walls and signage which are lit with bespoke globe lights inspired by streetlamps. Embracing the highly crafted ironwork often seen in Italian alleyway balconies, curved metal screens guide patrons through the space. The play of light and shadow in the main dining area wrapped in vertical mirrors elevates the dining experience, giving each seat an incredible river view and a lasting connection to Brisbane’s nightlife.

▼弧形的金属屏墙,the curved metal screen

▼藏酒室, wine cellar


The mixture of authentic Italian concepts alongside a modern interpretation ensure the design is truly exemplary. Juxtaposed materials (terrazzo, textured rendered walls, metal screening, plush velvet, handmade ceramic tiles, raw concrete and timber) lend themselves to the mix of concepts yet all work effortlessly with each other throughout the space.

▼纹理渲染墙和丝绒窗帘,textured rendered wall with plush velvet


The idea was to position this particular property apart from the client’s existing ventures – creating an edgy, modern space with a certain amount of grit that creates a comfortable, welcoming feel.

▼吧台区,bar counter

▼吧台座位细部,bar seating area

Completion date: 2018
Project team: Plus Architecture   Interior Design
Client: Gambaro Group

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