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引言 – 悠悠海上丝路 承袭文明古今
Foreword – The Long Maritime Silk Road, Inheriting Ancient and Modern Civilization



With Chinese and foreign envoys arriving and departing, businessmen from different countries delivering goods, and religion believers doing missionary work, “Maritime Silk Road” finally surpassed the vast sea and became the tie connecting China and the world over two thousand years ago. Starting in Qin and Han Dynasties, flourishing in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Different civilizations mainly crossed the East China Sea, and reached Zhoushan Islands directly.

Located in the intersection of the south and north coastline and the Yangtze River, with its back to the economic hinterland of “silk, tea and china”, Zhoushan Islands was the important hub that must be passed on the “Maritime Silk Road” in ancient times. With the passage of time, “the Belt and Road” has been initially built. The Maritime Silk Road that has gone through vicissitudes and great changes finally meet new development opportunities.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view


构想 – 源于千年历史 融于风情地貌
Concept – Originating from Thousand Years History, Merging into Customs and Landform


Permanent site of International Islands Tourism Conference, Choosing Dongsha Parcel, Zhujiajian, Zhoushan as the site. With the sea in the southeast, and surrounded by mountains in other directions. Westin faces Zhoushan Islands from afar in the north, and Putihai has been built in the south . In the intersection, the concept of “Conference Center in the park” initially comes into being. As the permanent site of International Islands Tourism Conference. We have tried to take “Conference Center in the park” as the core. Looking for design basis from the historical context and geographic and custom features from the city of thousand islands. Trying to explore the conference site building that accords with the local style, customs and historical context. Carrying out the people-oriented practice between history and the contemporary era, the region and civilization.

▼营造公园里的会议中心,in the concept of “Conference Center in the park”

▼自然与景观的映衬,interactions of building and nature


初探 – 依托庭院脉络 自成空间格局
Initial Exploration – Relying on the Courtyard Context, Self-forming Spatial Pattern


For design, Maritime Silk Road is shown as the main clue from beginning to end. Forming the spatial pattern in which the courtyard governs the park, and nature mingles with the building, Integrating the regional styles along Maritime Silk Road into the park. Manifesting different courtyard themes in the park, and integrating different elements into one. The landscape which can be found inside and outside integrates with the scattered small-volume buildings, Connecting the park concept with the green axis landscape, the building volume is lightened and hidden in the landscape, providing the park with open public activity places. The spanning building form ties up the mountains with the sea in the west and in the east, The open landscape corridor is created for greening the city.

▼建筑与自然交织,the nature mingles with the building

▼不同的院落主题贯穿园区,manifesting different courtyard themes in the park


深析 – 起于唐宋传统 着眼当代文明
Deep Analysis – Originating from Tang and Song Traditions, Having Contemporary Civilization in Mind


The building form which derives from Tang and Song traditions adopts the classic ratio and pattern of the roof and wall in the Tang Dynasty which is solid and stable; The slightly-inclined wall design adopts the traditional building design of Shoufen (thick bottom pillars and thin top pillars) and double pillars, The wall is the extension of the pillars while the foundation is simple and powerful. The cornice design derives from the exterior projecting and remote style in the Tang Dynasty, The beautiful rhythm of Dougong (a system of brackets inserted between the top of a column and a crossbeam) is interpreted in a modern way, It’s still simple and unsophisticated, and flexible with great rhythm. The white stone at the bottom of the building and the natural-color cornice set each other off beautifully,Corresponding to the sea wind of Zhoushan Islands, The wood and rubble, glass and metals are either classic or modern, gentle or vigorous and powerful.

▼建筑取唐代屋顶与墙体的经典比例样式,the building derives from Tang and Song traditions adopts the classic ratio and pattern of the roof

▼檐口设计汲取唐代出挑深远的做法, the cornice design derives from the exterior projecting and remote style in the Tang Dynasty

▼斗拱的优美韵律感以现代化的方式诠释,the beautiful rhythm of Dougong is interpreted in a modern way

▼室内外景观的呼应,reflection of the interior and exterior

▼白色石材与檐口本色实木相映衬呼应舟山群岛海洋气息,the white stone at the bottom of the building and the natural-color cornice set each other off beautifully, corresponding to the sea wind of Zhoushan Islands


所感 – 因历史而鲜活 因舟山而世界
Sentiment – Vivid with History, International with Zhoushan


 “Interconnecting Maritime Silk Road, Sharing Islands Development”, International Islands Tourism Conference which was held lately still echoes, Just like the city of thousand island with unique style and charm that will continue to be brilliant. History, region, culture, biology, economy, Buildings are no longer merely the communication medium of “men and nature”, but inheritance and witness of the ancient and modern civilizations and even future development as well, To architects, only by becoming people who understand the world needs can they create buildings that contain the real culture of the past, the present and the future. It’s vivid because it belongs to the past; It’s international because it belongs to Zhoushan.

▼会议中心建筑内部,interior of the conference center

▼总平面图,master plan

▼底层平面图,the first floor plan


Project Information:
Project Name: International Islands Tourism Conference
Project Type: Conference
Project Location: Zhoushan, China
Architectural Design: gad architectural design
Landscape Design: Green Townscape Design Ltd.
Interior Design: Hangzhou Chentao Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Design time: 2016
Construction Area: 39416㎡

Chinese & English text: gad

More: gad 更多关于他们:gad on gooood.


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