La Redonda, a chair By Bodegón Cabinet, Spain

a delicate transformation from two-dimension to three-dimension

Project Specs


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La Redonda是一把设计师对简单平面几何图形“施展了魔法”后演变成的圆形座椅。

La Redonda is a chair that plays with a pure two-dimensional geometrical figure, the circle.

▼La Redonda 宛若室内的一件艺术品,La Redonda as a piece of art in the building

▼La Redonda座椅正面,the front of La Redonda

▼La Redonda座椅背面,the back of La Redonda


This perfect shape is molded after being cut out of a steel plate, in order to maintain its purity in its path towards three dimensions.

▼由一片钢板切割而成的简洁饰面,the chair surface is composed of a steel plate


It is precisely this distortion that transforms a steel plate into an object that occupies space, which fills La Redonda with complexity and gives it new geometric relationships, not forgetting that at the adequate distance, it all comes from the simplicity of a circle. A point on the horizon.

▼独特的构造使钢制圆板只保持一点着地,the unique design makes the steel plate’s one point on the ground



La Redonda的设计始于对一个纸质模型的研究,后得益于当地工匠们的支持制作出了不同款式的模型,才发展成了今天的样子。

La Redonda starts with a small paper mock-up and from that point on, local craftsmen allow us to develop prototypes at different scales until achieving that which we are presenting today

▼为适应不同环境,设计师对La Redonda做了很多元素上的尝试,many attempts for La Redonda has been tried for adapting different environment

制作La Redonda的全过程充满了选择,因为其材料,尺寸和颜色都可以变换。La Redonda被定位成一个艺术品而不仅仅是一件简单的家具。这也就意味着La Redonda本身蕴涵着无限可能,例如可以扩大其体量改造成沙发,可以为其更换不同的颜色,也可以因具体需求使用新型材料。

This entire process is full of choices. The material, the size, the colour… La Redonda is a piece of art in which all decisions can all fit within the design. It could be bigger and convert into a sofa, it could be all possible colours, and it could adapt to new materials.

▼极简且充富含现代气息的细节,the details full of minimalism

设计师希望La Redonda是家庭中的一员,能够顺应万变,发挥其无限潜能。

La Redonda is part of a family, it is generous, and today this is its image, but it will change and its possibilities are endless.

▼La Redonda座椅钢板表面, the steel surface of La Redonda

▼La Redonda座椅立面, elevation

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