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▼三栋建筑外观,external view of the three buildings

Peony Creative Garden is located in a peony garden in Mangshan Town in the northern suburbs of Luoyang, which is a small-scale estate for living, office and cultural events. It is consisted of five individual buildings of different functions and sizes. The five buildings are located on both sides of an existing veranda in the garden. On the north are a tea house and a gallery, and on the south are a reception center (House #1), a guest house (House #2) and a two storey slab accommodating four units of SOHO (House #3).

▼总平面图,site plan

axonometric, the buildings are connected by an outdoor corridor


House #1


Among the three buildings on the other side, the House #1 used as a reception center is laid out along a corridor, enabling people to have a closer contact with the surrounding natural environment. Its north corridor is widened to form an outdoor terrace.

▼一号宅外观,external view of House #1

▼一号宅鸟瞰,建筑采用回廊式布局,aerial view of House #1 laid out around a corridor

▼室外回廊和架空空间,outdoor corridor and grey space

▼通透的室内空间,transparent interior space

▼楼梯及二层室内空间,staircase and interior of the second floor

▼二层露台,terrace on the second floor

▼一号宅夜景,night view of House #1

▼一号宅轴测图,axonometric of House #1

first floor plan (left), second floor plan (right)

House #2


The House #2, the guest house, is at the junction of the cedar forest and the peony garden. It adopts a cube form divided into two long narrow parts. In the gap in between, two cedars are retained.

▼二号宅入口,entrance of House #2

▼二号宅建筑间的夹缝,narrow space between the two parts of House #2


▼室内空间,interior space

▼二号宅轴测图,axonometric of House #2

▼二号宅分解轴测图,exploded axonometric of House #2



House #3


The House #3 consists of  four units for both office and living space. All the rooms in a unit are located around a square court measured 2.4m by 2.4m. Its prototype stems from traditional Chinese house dwellings, which brings light and ventilation to the house within a narrow spatial fabrication and establishes a sequential order among spaces. The main construction materials are steel, glass and concrete block. All the structural frames are exposed and the external wall is displayed as the original state of the material. The texture and color of  all the materials are expressed authentically and thus follow the law of its natural surroundings.

▼三号宅外观,external view of House#3

▼不加装饰的材料与自然环境相协调,texture and color of the material being harmony with the environment

▼三号宅轴测图,axonometric of House #3

▼一层平面图,first floor plan



Gallery and Tea House


The tea house and the gallery are in a linear cedar forest. They are both conceived with long narrow rectangular planes. According to their functions, the two buildings are designed in different spatial forms. The gallery is an inward cavernous space, while the tea house is a transparent open space. Against the backdrop of cedars, the dimly-lit gallery and bright tea house highlights the features of one another.

▼画廊远景,位于一片松林中,distanced view of the gallery located in the cedar forest

▼画廊外观,external view of the gallery

▼画廊庭院,courtyard in the gallery

▼画廊室内,洞穴式空间,cave-like interior space of the gallery

▼茶室外观,空间通透,external view of the tea house with transparent space

▼茶室夜景,night view of the tea house

▼画廊雪景,snow view of the gallery

▼画廊及茶室平面图,plan of the gallery and tea house



Project name: Peony Garden, Luoyang
Design: Tuan Office
Contact e-mail:
Design & Completion Year: 2014-2016(design) 2015-2017 (completion)
Leader designer: Zhu Yimin
Team: Zuo Jiang, Dalei Liu, Jiali Liu, Ruifei Yang, Xue Bai, Weiyu Chen
Project location: Guohua Road #1, Laocheng District, Luoyang
Gross Built Area (square meters): 1000
Function: Exhibition、Office、Tearoom、Guest Room
Photo credits: Su Chen,Zuo Jiang
Clients: Tian Cao
Structure: Steel structure, Concrete Hollow Block
Enclosure System: Steel Frame, Glass, Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows, Aluminum Plate, Concrete Hollow Block

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