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SALT of Palmar Hotel by Camille Walala

Camille Walala designs new SALT of Palmar hotel in Mauritius

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JINS SWFC Shop, China by junya. ishigami+associates

Five long concrete tables “floating” in the space.

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        Temporary pavilion at Picnic “Afisha” by PROJECT ELEVEN

        Rainbow-colored Farnsworth House

        Ad Astra House by Studio Roslyn

        To redefine the hospitality in a modern home

        The Garden of Framed Scenes by The Open Workshop

        Performers oscillate on framed scenes

        KEAAMI Thai Restaurant by RAMOPRIMO

        An authentic contemporary Thai experience in Beijing

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        (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

        Snug by Sanna Völker

        A Craft Story

        Fujio Japanese Bakery at K11 Guangzhou, China by TurtleHill

        Stands seamlessly connect with the ceiling

        Double Core by Create+Think Design Studio

        Family residence with two linear living spaces

        Breeze Market, Beijing, China by FON STUDIO

        A clear short story in Qianmen old street.

        Landscape Design of FYI Center by Shma

        Circulated green social space

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        Wuzhen Alila Hotel by Z + T STUDIO

        A place for soul

        Lucía in the Sky by Brut Deluxe

        The infinity of stars

        Kloof 119A by SAOTA

        A family house with its inverted pyramid roof capturing the spectacular views of Cape Town