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非常感谢 上海和睿规划建筑设计有限公司 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciations towards ORIA for providing the following description:


The work of an architect is actually an experimental career about time and space. From infinite concept sketches to implementation, from the various minds of people involved to the choice of one idea, from the light to the atmosphere of a building, from the sketch paper to the computer hard drive left with all the records about the design process ; the completed buildings end up providing a physical object or place that make the architect’s ideas come to life for the user to experience and leave a trace on their life. Eventually these records and traces will become the architect’s motivation to continue doing this work. This is a process of progressive infinite loops.

▼办公室室内空间,interior space


The starting point for ORIA’s office design stems from a time + space experience. At different times, we can deconstruct, reorganize, and even break the inherent spatial properties. Intimacy and openness, shielding and communication, staying and flowing. We use different ways to express this concept and use the space of architecture to express the feeling and effectiveness of time. Therefore, we use a set of multiple exposure superimposed photos to express the spatial status of the users participating in different activities to record the traces of ORIA architects’ work and life.

▼室内空间,模型展台位于空间中心位置,interior view, the physical model booth is located in the central space

▼办公模式下的办公区、办公室和休息区,working space, office and resting area in the office organization

▼办公模式下的办公区,working space in the office organization

▼办公区和会议室,working space and the meeting room

▼会议室,meeting room

▼会议室细部,meeting room details

▼休息区,resting area


We are experimenting in this space all day to virtualize the living space of others, that is, to explore the infinite possibilities of life. If this space is boring, the architects working here may have only one thing left, that is, the poverty of thinking, which will make people feel desperate.

▼展廊模式下的办公室,the space in the gallery organization


Because, if there is really a so-called “constant” and “permanent”, it is, “change is eternal.” When we show our possibilities, we show the possibilities of architectural works and show the possibilities of life.

▼办公室入口细节,entrance details

▼室内空间细部,space details

▼空间构思过程,concept generation diagram

▼空间概念,space concept

▼功能布局,functional layout

▼办公模式,office organization

▼空间的展廊模式,the gallery organization

▼平面图,floor plan

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018
主创及设计团队:吴文博、 陈涵非、黄若蓉、蒋雨彤
品牌:1. 艾谷照明 LED 2. 堡密特 预拌饰面砂浆 3.水磨石预制板
Project name: Oira Office
Design: ORIA
Design year & Completion Year: 2018
Leader designer & Team: Wu wenbo, Chen Hanfei, Huang Ruorong, Jiang Yutong
Project location: 3F, No, 121, lane 1520, Huashan Road, Shanghai
Gross Built Area (square meters): 347
Photo credits: CreatAR Images
Clients: Shanghai ORIA Planning & Design Co., Ltd.
Brands / Products used in the projrct: 1.EGU lighting LED 2.Premixed facing mortar 3.Terrazzo prefabricated board

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