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The sonata of red, white, and blue

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Onok Lighting照明技术公司于2016年3月参加了在德国法兰克福举办的照明建筑展览会,由Masquespacio为他们设计的展位色彩亮丽、变化丰富,毫无普通展位的死板和乏味。

Masquespacio presents its last project for technical lighting firm Onok Lighting, designed for the last edition of Light & Building in Frankfurt, Germany.

▽ 入口处的“Ready to plan”点明了展览轻松活跃的氛围,“Ready to plan” at the entrance points out the relaxing atmosphere of the stand

001-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

Masquespacio去年接受Onok Lighting的委托,为公司重新打造了整体品牌形象。而本次因公司新产品发布而特设的展位,也继承和延续了品牌形象的风格。展墙上印着各种巨大的标语,意图以语言的力量影响参观者对颜色的感知;而墙面上悬挂的斧头、玉米、菠萝、冰淇淋等日常用品被涂上了非日常的颜色,暗喻着灯光和色彩对人类思想的潜在影响。连续而又不断变化的墙体颜色和形式带给参观者完整的而有趣的体验过程。

The project that was commissioned after the redesign of Onok Lighting’s brand image last year, follows the overall aesthetic used by Masquespacio for the campaigns of the lighting brand’s new product launches. That way the design seeks to transmit a message that plays with the perception of their users through phrases like “Colours are brighter when the mind is open” or “When you feel colours you will understand the why of their forms”; Above different decorative elements represented with daily life unreal colours are used to create a reflection about their influence on our point of view and the state of mind they generate. Last, different forms and colours for the exhibition walls invite the visitor to live an experience from the beginning to the end at Onok Lighting’s stand.

▽ 展墙上印有各种巨大的标语,phrases painted on the exhibition wall

002-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

003-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

011-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

▽ 被涂上了非日常的颜色的日常用品,  daily life elements represented with unreal colours

004-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

005-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

012-Onok Stand by Masquespacio     009-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

正如Masquespacio的创意总监Ana Milena Hernández Palacios所说:“我们的设计总是在连贯的体验过程中,不断的给使用者带来各种各样的小惊喜。而在这次设计中,我们通过变幻的颜色、标语和墙体形式让移动中的参观者一直保持着盎然的兴致,同时也让他们不知不觉地将Onok Lighting公司的新产品牢记在脑海中。”

Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director from Masquespacio: “What we look for in each project is to create a continuous experience and that way surprise visitors in each part of the space they are going to discover. At the booth of Onok Lighting, still maintaining an exhibition aspect, we seek to entertain the visitor from the beginning to the end through colours, messages and forms, while he gets to know the technical lighting firm’s new products.”

▽ 变化丰富的展厅空间,a continuous experience with surprises

007-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

006-Onok Stand by Masquespacio     010-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

在本次展览中, Onok Lighting还同步发行了同样交由Masquespacio制作的2016年公司产品册。

During the same event at Light & Building, Onok Lighting also presented their new catalogue 2016, designed by Masquespacio below the same aesthetical characteristics.

▽ 同步发行的公司产品册,new catalogue 2016 of Onok Lighting

008-Onok Stand by Masquespacio

Client: Onok Lighting
Design: Masquespacio
Photography: Fernando Alda

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Chinese Text: gooood

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