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Thanks to the creation of a new urban exhibition system, the project aims to introduce an organic urban program in the city of Pisa to promote the commerce and the growth of cultural and touristic activities. The exhibition system is tightly connected to the Arno River, key factor for the development of the city business since the ancient times and integral part of the social and cultural identity of Pisa.

▽ 设计概念,城市交通系统与节点,concept,traffic system and important points

0001-A Stream of Ideas-TAV12121     001-A Stream of Ideas-Figura_00 General concept121

▽ 城市空间结构分析,City Analysis

003-A Stream of Ideas-City Analysis_121

003-A Stream of Ideas-City Analysis_221

003-A Stream of Ideas-City Analysis_31

003-A Stream of Ideas-City Analysis_41

▽ 滨河分析图,Arno River Analysis

002-A Stream of Ideas-Arno River Analysis121

▽ 设计概念图,灵感来自于丛林,河滩和现状建筑,design concept

004-A Stream of Ideas-Design Concept121

▽ 总平面图,Urban setting

Masterplan generale / Global masterplan


A Stream of Ideas suggests a traveling exhibition throughout the city that relies mostly on the waterway. Within the project, the Arno River represents the infrastructural asset that makes this tour possible, while creating a link between two newly introduced poles, which are located at the opposite West and East ends of the historical city. These poles are devoted to trade and culture respectively and act as catalysts of sustainable development for the whole city center, in the prospective of recovery and renewal of existing urban areas. Looking at the future with respect to the existing urban setting, the goal is to introduce a new urban program within the city that can be consistently used by the population and the visitors. Specifically, in the view of the collective re-appropriation of the Arno River, the waterway and the pedestrian promenades along its banks are re-activated; this involves the construction of connectors to the city on the river at the artistic-cultural strategic points and these that were historian docks. Modular landings in the form of floating platforms, partially used as a stopover, to bike and boat sharing, for sports and leisure and partially designated as green areas.

▽ 沿河区域平面图,Arno River Masterplan

006-A Stream of Ideas-Figura_02 Arno River Masterplan121

▽ 改造后河流立面,Global elevation along the Arno River

007-A Stream of Ideas-Figura_03 Arno River New Banks121

▽ 联系河流与城市的水上平台,View of the new dock next to the Church of Santa Maria della Spina

008_11-A Stream of Ideas-Figura_04 Arno river New Platforms121

▽ 多样的水上活动,diverse water activities

008-A Stream of Ideas-121

Cittadella Vecchia旁的废弃用地宽阔开敞,可以承载多样化的城市活动。这个新建的城市公园内将建起商贸/展览中心,四通八达的步行系统连接了公园内的各个节点,而旁边的停车场将成为游客在不同交通工具间换乘的集散中心。河边的绿色台地系统和水上交通中心更是为该区域滨水空间的重塑带来了差异性。

The new commercial/exhibition pole is located on a partially abandoned area nearby the Cittadella Vecchia, which is particularly suitable for the introduction of flexible urban activities. The intent of the project is to create here a new urban park that accommodates within itself the new commercial/exhibition center. The connectivity within the park relies on a newly developed pedestrian network and a new parking area acts as interchange hub between different transports systems. Moreover, the introduction of new green terraces and of a management center for river mobility characterizes the remodeling of the waterfront.

▽商贸/展览节点平面, commercial/exhibition center plan

009-A Stream of Ideas-A Stream of Ideas-Figure 06 Masterplan Commercial Pole2121

▽ 商贸/展览中心、河边的绿色台地系统和水上交通系统,View of the commercial/exhibition center from the river

011-A Stream of Ideas-Figura_05 Rendering121

015-A Stream of Ideas-221

▽ 公园内的活动场地,flexible open space in the park

016-A Stream of Ideas-121

▽ 剖面图,section

017-A Stream of Ideas-Elevation from Arno River121

而河流另一端的文化中心则位于Cittadella Nuova旁的一块空地上,成为由 Arno河串联的博物馆系统的最后一环。新建的建筑群将重组现有不连贯的城市肌理,长条的绿地空间和广场台地紧靠着Cittadella Nuova,保证从附近 Lungarno区域过来的大量步行者可以顺利到达滨水空间。

The cultural center is placed on an empty urban plot next to the Cittadella Nuova, at the other end of the river, and completes the museum network of the Arno River. The new buildings that are here introduced, recompose the existing incoherent urban fabric and generate a long green courtyard and a square-terrace facing the Cittadella Nuova: two urban areas for both transit and mediation, urban voids designed to ensure high permeability of pedestrian flows coming from the nearby Lungarno.

▽ 文化节点平面, The cultural center plan

010-Figure 07 Masterplan Cultural Center2121

▽ 文化中心和连接旧城区的桥梁,View of the cultural center from the Sangallo Fortress

019-A Stream of Ideas-A Stream of Ideas-culture centre121


Even if physically apart, the urban interventions suggested for the commercial/exhibition pole and the cultural pole are architecturally linked to each other. In both cases, their permanent program is located in new linear blocks that are characterized by the presence of perimeter arcades, which act both as input filters and as horizontal connecting elements.

▽ 建筑剖面图,section

018-A Stream of Ideas-Section121

Promoter: Confcommercio Pisa, in collaboration with Municipality of Pisa and District of Pisa.
Designers: Marco Biondi, Pierluigi D’Acunto, Vincenzo Fresta, Stefano Pasqualetti
Collaborators: Francesca Ancarani, Irene Bernardi, Carmela Bova, Erica De Luca, Federica Mattioli, Noemi Milanese, Mario Provenzano, Cinzia Votino.
History: 2015

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Chinese Text: gooood

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