Old Hutong House Renovation in Beijing, China by CAA

Provide old house with vitality and new lifestyle while keeping the traditional Chinese courtyard house structure.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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The project is situated at the main house in Qingping Hutong, Beijing; known locally as a da-za-yuan, which translates as “big messy courtyard shared by several houses”. The owner’s parents both live in the property, suffer from Alzheimer disease, which their mother being wheelchair bound. This meant that keeping the traditional Chinese courtyard house, exploring the concept of co-living between the young and elderly, and designing a comfortable home, all within a limited living space was the main objective. The project answers the questions which China has in accommodating an increasingly aging population.

▼阳光下的建筑外观,exterior under the sun light

1-1. exterior in the sunlight_CAA


1-3 overlook_CAA


▼入口处的无障碍坡,barrier free ramp at the entrance

6-15. Barrier-free ramp_CAA

▼客厅和餐厅,living room and dining room

2-4. living room_CAA

2-5 Dining Room_CAA

▼通往加建的二楼的楼梯,设有垂直遮阳,stairs to the additional second floor with vertical blinds

3-7. stairs to the addtional second floor_CAA     3-9 vertical Blinds_CAA

▼从二楼看向客厅,overlooking the living room from the second floor

2-6 overlooking from second floor_CAA

▼加建的二层内的卧室,bedroom in the additional second floor

2-8 bedroon in the additional second floor_CAA


▼通往屋顶花园的楼梯,stairs to the rooftop garden

4-11. stairs to the rooftop_CAA

4-12. stairs to the rooftop_CAA

▼厨房上方的屋顶花园,roof garden on the kitchen

5-13 roof garden_CAA

▼厨房里的屋顶天窗,roof window in the kitchen

5-16. Roof window in the kichen_CAA


2-17. bathroom_CAA


▼夜晚建筑外观,exterior in the night

1-2.exterior in the night_CAA


7-site plan_CAA

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

7-1st floor plan_CAA

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

7-2nd floor plan_CAA

▼空间变化分析,space transform analysis

space transform analysis

▼结构分析,structure analysis


▼无障碍设计,barrier free design

8-wheel friendly design_CAA

8-wheel friendly design (2)_CAA

The plan was to construct an additional steel roof at the base whilst keeping the hutongs original wooden structure – with the new steel structure expanding the living space by allowing for a second floor. The architects resolved common poor lighting conditions found in traditional hutongs by increasing the size of the windows on the facade, incorporating louvers into staircases, and implementing a playful circular sky light into the kitchen. These design features not only add character to the new home, but allows for light to pour into the interior spaces from all angles.

Vibrant plants and greenery flow up from the courtyard floor in a “Z” like manner, and onto the kitchen rooftop that surrounds the skylight. The head of CAA, Liu Haowei describes this feature as “Old Beijing walking in the sky”

The result is a project that follows CAA’s core values; embracing the constrains of unique sites, and elegantly balancing between historic preservation and modern living. The Qingping Hutong House integrates light, openness and contemporary style into a limited space, creating a new hutong lifestyle for all.

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Architects: CAA
Location: Beijing, China
Project Year: 2016
Type: Renovation
Architect in Charge: Liu Haowei
Area: 90 m2
Photographs: Huo Cheng

More:  CAA建筑事务所,更多关于他们:CAA on gooood

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