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非常感谢Quentin de Coster予gooood分享以下内容。更多关于他的精彩作品: Quentin de Coster on gooood.
Appreciation towards Quentin de Coster for providing the following description:

NOSE 是一个小烛台,其形态像是一个人用鼻子拖住蜡烛的抽象画。该产品由两片激光切割焊接的刚片组成。无论烛台中有没有蜡烛,NOSE都是一个备俱雕塑感的烛台为人们的室内装饰增添一丝艺术感。

NOSE is a minimal candle holder evoking an abstract profile whose nose serves to hold the candle. The object is made of two laser cut and welded steel pieces. With or without candle, NOSE is a sculptural candle holder that adds a touch of art to your interior.

▼三种颜色的烛台,Candle Holder in Three Color


NOSE-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_6    NOSE-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_7



NOSE-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_10   NOSE-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_11


▽加工过程,Manufacturing processes

NOSE-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_2    NOSE-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_1

Status : prototype
Material : powder coated steel
Dimensions : W7, D4 x H6 or 9 cm
Colours : white, grey, black Photos : © Stéphanie Derouaux

More: Quentin de Coster。更多关于他的精彩作品: Quentin de Coster on gooood


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  1. 插个蜡烛都这么多讲究 * *

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