Office of Schouw Informatisering in Netherland by i29

Open workplace with the theme of fresh, health and nature.

Project Specs


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i29为Schouw Informatisering进行了室内设计,该公司位于Bedaux de Brouwer建筑师事务所新建的办公楼内,为诸多食品公司的全方位IT合伙人,并且提供大量ERP相关服务。这家国际化公司拥有超过150名员工,都对饮食和IT充满热情。

For a leading IT company active in the food sector, i29 interior architects realized the interior design of a newly built office building by Bedaux de Brouwer Architects. Schouw Informatisering is a full-service IT partner for food companies, hosting a broad service of ERP related services. An internationally operating organization with over 150 employees with a passion for food and IT. 

▼办公室一览,overall view of the office


Hosting training courses for their customers and an in-house trainee program, the floor plan asked for a layout with lot’s of meeting space and presentation rooms combined with working places in an open office environment. The theme for the interior was inspired by the company identity; a fresh and professional identity, as well as engagement with their clients and their own employees, creating an environment for ‘growth’. 

▼入口宽敞的中庭,设有招待区供人交流,large void at the entrance with reception area for communication

▼从二楼看向入口接待区,view of the reception area from above


To create different areas within the 2500 m2 work floor, i29 implemented workplaces in different tones of green and blue. Bold colored patterns in flooring are combined in matching colors and materials in the office furniture and acoustic wall panels. 

▼不同的工作区域以蓝色或绿色的地面图案划分,blue or green pattern on the floor divides different work spaces

▼家具及墙面的颜色和地面相呼应,the color of the furniture and wall panels combine to the floor


To create optimal acoustic performance, large photographs are printed on soft acoustic walls which are also dividing the space. As a reference to the food industry, the images show agriculture aerial photos. The colorful images are in contrast to the stark white metal climate ceiling and walls covered with whiteboard panels.

▼采用农业照片的墙面,walls with large agricultural photos


In the middle of each office floor, a central hub is created including a coffee bar, pantry, printing room and meeting area to improve social interaction of the employees. A small office restaurant in fresh blue tones fluidly blends with the office environment and is also to be used for quick meetings. A large void with hanging plants above the entrance connects the ground floor with the first floor where the restaurant is situated. 



The client’s high ambition on sustainability and the well being of his employees resulted in a office with maximum comfort and integration of the latest technology in lighting and climate control. In total nine large plant walls are spread through the office space. Thousands of plants provide oxygen and humidity to improve the air quality as well as contributing to the superb acoustics. They also refer to the design theme, intuitively referring to health, freshness and nature. 

▼种植墙提高环境质量,给人以自然的感受,plant walls improve the air quality as well as giving a sense of nature

▼一层平面图,ground floor

▼二层平面图,first floor plan

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