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Chiseling a door of household to produce a room, when it is not, there is room for use. Therefore, it is beneficial to have it, but useful to lose it. ——- Tao Te Ching

▼办公室外观全景,overall exterior view of the office


The name “WUJE” comes from the Tao Te Ching which is the theoretical basis and the visual interface of “WUJE” design, abandoning all formalistic ornaments and decorations. From the perspective of functional aesthetics, we discard the common traditional Chinese symbols and representation elements after deliberation. I think more about how to extract new elements from the humanistic spirit carried by the traditional classics and apply these elements to the architectural space, trying to express the idea that “when it is not, there is room for use”. When we go back to the origin, we are boundless, the “WUJE”. Concrete image is an intermediate medium, to facilitate our use and experience of space while artistic space conception brings people the feeling of “the use of useless” which is the most important.

▼办公室外观局部,采用玻璃外墙,partial view of the office with the glass exterior wall

▼办公室入口,用三片钢板代替大石表达山的寓意,the entrance, replacing the meaning of the mountain with three steel plates


While inheriting traditional culture, “WUJE” also learns from Japan, Southeast Asia and modern Western culture. For example, the landscape of the household adopts the traditional dry landscape landscaping method and the Japanese style of dry mountain water expression. The convection sand is treated with water, respecting the concept of traditional landscaping with “one pool, three mountains”, and replacing the meaning of the mountain with three steel plates. In the mountains, a shapeless sphere is used to construct the shape, expressing the form in a non-way which is my favorite artistic expression. The pony sculpture that drinks water on the mountain side is done together with my friends. We designed the manner of deer in the process of shaping and named it “chaos”. This chaos is an epitome of my interpretation for Chinese culture.

▼办公室入口局部,入户园景采用旱景和日式枯山水的造景手法,partial view of the entrance, the yard adopts the dry landscape landscaping method and the Japanese style of dry mountain water expression


We look for aesthetics from nature and use the concrete structure to outline the invisible form of sunlight. We try to capture the six senses of sunshine in different time and space through dialogue with the four seasons of sunlight from various angles of space. I try to use plants to express the beauty of life. Through the use of different ways of plants, plants can play the role of media between people and architecture and pursue the harmonious symbiotic relationship between human and natural architecture. I think the most beautiful is nature. The humanities created by human beings are only a part of nature. Thus, respect natural aesthetics, through the object to express the beauty, through the object to comfort the soul.

▼办公室一层局部鸟瞰图,不同时间不同空间中的阳光营造出美丽的光影效果,partial bird-eye’s view of the office, the sunshine in different time and space creates the light and shadow effect


When I sat idly in the sinking sofa pool and stayed in a daze for an afternoon, I observed and experienced from this angle before I realized the mood of the ancients in the book. We pursue aesthetics, subtract redundant decoration, so that there is no barrier between architecture, people and nature. Architecture abandons camouflage and gives up superfluous cover-up and decoration. When an undisguised building coexists with us, I feel comfortable and relaxed in such a space feeling I am the user of the building, the owner of the building and a part of the building.

▼办公室一层空间,设有下沉式沙发池空间和岛台式办公休闲空间,the first floor with the sinking sofa pool and island-like space

▼办公室一层的下沉式沙发池,通过这样的角度领会寄情于山水的心境,the sinking sofa pool at the first floor, observing and experiencing from this angle to realize the mood of the ancients

▼从一层的岛台式空间看向室外,viewing the exterior space from the island-like space at the first floor

▼一层的岛台式空间,上方的天花板极具特色,the island-like space at the first floor, the ceiling above is distinct

▼一层空间局部,partial view of the first floor

▼办公空间,采用独特的天花板和灯具,the working space with the unique ceiling and lightings

▼一层空间中的室内绿植空间,the green plant space at the first floor


We do subtraction looking inward for aesthetics. Architecture, like our personality, tries to put past things achievements aside. We understand the present more fully and pick up the present things. Everything is a new starting point. We have made a light and shadow logo and try not to deliberately and specifically express aesthetics, making natural design appears with the natural changes of weather, sunshine and artificial light. Although the name is a concrete transmission, we give it its form to itself and respect it. In this way, it will not disturb me, nor will I disturb it. Meet occasionally-déjà vu. Our team also likes this kind of living condition, which is no system and no area. We can find a place to do our daily work, communication, life and leisure at any time.

▼室内楼梯空间,interior stairs

▼从二层俯瞰一层空间和室外,overlooking the first floor and the exterior space from the second floor

▼办公室入口庭院夜景,设置在山边喝水的小马雕塑,the night view of the entrance yard with the pony sculpture that drinks water on the mountain side

设计团队:林宗凤 陈涉
Translated by Meng

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