Northcote Edwardian home by Melanie Beynon AD

Home for a young family of six with tactile detailing

Project Specs


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项目位于澳大利亚德尔宾市的Northcote区,一个六口之家委托Melanie Beynon AD事务所为他们精心建造的Edwardian风格的住宅进行扩建与翻修。该住宅主体精湛的设计与大方温暖的氛围,归功于业主对施工工艺和建筑材料的把控,以及对细节的考究。

We designed this extension and renovation of a Northcote Edwardian home for a young family of six, which the owners skillfully managed and built. Their unique craftsmanship, material choices and dedication to detail resulted in a masterful design that feels generous and warm throughout.

▼翻修后的住宅外观,facade of the project after renovation © Melanie Beynon AD


Large sliding doors expose this spacious room to natural light, leading to a raised deck, great for outdoor entertaining. The tactile detailing extends to the exterior of the house and features a saw-tooth roofline, raw cedar shingles and shiplap cladding on the walls. These timber elements will silver in time, allowing the new extension to settle into its surroundings.

▼客厅南侧与东侧的室外露台,exterior raised desk on the south side and the terrace on the east side © Melanie Beynon AD

▼大面积的玻璃推拉门为室内创造了良好采光,large sliding doors expose this spacious room to natural light © Melanie Beynon AD


The house was planned with two zones (one for adults and one for children). Located at opposite ends of the house, the central living space connects the two areas. The newly built family living room is a voluminous and tactile space, featuring exposed Tasmanian Oak timber panels on the walls and pitched ceiling, complementing the reclaimed brick walls and handmade Anchor Ceramic tiles.

▼起居室 – 橡木墙面与倾斜的天花板,以及回收砖材和手工 Anchor瓷砖的墙面, living room with Oak timber walls, pitched ceiling, reclaimed brick walls and handmade Anchor Ceramic tiles © Melanie Beynon AD

▼起居室墙壁上的置物架提供了大量的储存空间,Shelving on the living room walls provides ample storage space © Melanie Beynon AD

▼厨房,kitchen © Melanie Beynon AD

▼厨房细部,detail of the kitchen © Melanie Beynon AD

▼次客厅/会客室,sitting room © Melanie Beynon AD

▼走廊,hallway © Melanie Beynon AD

▼东侧主卧,master bedroom on the east side © Melanie Beynon AD

▼西侧儿童房,children bedroom on the west side © Melanie Beynon AD

▼卫生间,bathroom © Melanie Beynon AD

▼卫生间细部与门把手细部,details of the bathroom and the handrail © Melanie Beynon AD

▼平面图,plan © Melanie Beynon AD

Project size: 250 m2
Project Budget: $600000
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 1
Architect: Melanie Beynon AD

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