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该装置位于法国安纳西的Jardins de l’Europe公园中心,结合了当代建筑和传统工艺,为人们提供放松和冥想的场所。

The Wicker Pavilion is designed combining contemporary architecture and traditional craftsmanship. It offers a place for relaxation and meditation in the heart of Jardins de l’Europe in Annecy, France.

▼鸟瞰,aerial view © Eriks Bozis


The pavilion blends in with the surrounding landscape and forms a shaded space for park visitors to shelter from the hot summer sun. Pavilion offers beautiful views to the surrounding nature, thus creating a communion between the sheltered space and the exterior. Filtered daylight through pavilion creates dynamic shadow patterns on the grass.

▼俯视,与周围景观融为一体,top view,blending in with the surrounding landscape © Eriks Bozis

▼项目外观,appearance © Eriks Bozis

▼提供休闲场所,光影动感十足,providing leisure places,dynamic shadow patterns © Eriks Bozis

该装置采用木制网壳结构,使用262个拉脱维亚工匠编织的传统柳筐,制成空心圆锥体。在地面组装三角形的木制网架,将柳筐的中部升起一定高度,然后将其固定在木制网架的三个角上,用来搭建最终的拱形装置。承重结构由六层21 x 45 mm的松木条板组成,交接处由螺栓固定。工人用水冲洗整个结构,以保证其在施工过程中的弹性。随着时间流逝,木结构和柳筐会逐渐变灰,融入周围的自然环境。

The pavilion is designed using timber grid shell structure technique and cowered with 262 traditional wicker baskets in a cone shape, weaved by Latvian craftsmen. The triangular mesh of the timber grid is assembled on the ground, then middle part is lifted at necessary height and then three corners are fixed to create final arched shape. Load bearing structure is made of pine tree planks 21 x 45 mm in 6 structural layers connected with bolts at crossing points. To provide timber flexibility during construction process, the structure was irrigated with water. In time timber and wicker will become grey and blend more into surrounding nature.

▼结构示意,structure diagram © DJA

▼承重结构由六层松木条板组成,load bearing structure is made of pine tree planks in 6 structural layers © Eriks Bozis

▼从装置中看向外部,view from the installation to exterior © Eriks Bozis

▼顶部,interior top surface © Eriks Bozis

▼细节,details © Eriks Bozis

今年夏天,安纳西举办了第三届Paysages景观建筑节,DJA事务所专为其设计了Wicker Pavilion,去年的UGUNS Pavilion也是该事务所的作品。

The project is designed as a part of Annecy Paysages landscape architecture festival, which this summer is taking place already 3rd year. In year 2019 DJA participated in festival with UGUNS pavilion.

▼总平,site plan © DJA

▼平面,plan © DJA

▼立面,elevation © DJA

Project name: Wicker Pavilion
Project location: Jardins de l’Europe, Annecy, France
Client: Annecy Paysages
Building area: 50 m2
Architect firm: DJA
Leading architects: Didzis Jaunzems, Ksenia Sapega
Photos: Eriks Bozis
Year: 2020
e-mail: dja@dja.lv
phone: +371 28261221
web: www.dja.lv

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