Noblepets Store, China by Nazodesign Studio

A new space model of pets store which allows customers to wander around and play with animals freely

Project Specs


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Nazodesign is invited to update and rectify the store of the well-known pet-use& pet-care brand Noblepets which is located at Beijing Sanlitun. Noblepets wishes to improve the brand image through the change of space and bring new service experience for consumers. Having analyzed the business strategies of competitors and combined with the brand’s characteristics, Nazodesign offered a new space model of pets store which allows customers to wander around and play with animals freely.

▼宠物商店概览,overview of the store ©北京锐景摄影


According to the different requirements of privacy and soundproofing, the space is mainly divided into two functional areas—“pet products for sale” and “pets care”, but there are customers in both needs, therefore, large floor glass is used to strengthen the visual connection between the two areas which allows customers to see their own pets being carefully cared while they are shopping pet products.

▼使用通透的大面积落地玻璃来增强两个功能区之间的视觉连接性,using large floor glass to strengthen the visual connection between the two areas ©北京锐景摄影

▼客人在为宠物挑选用品的时候也可以看到自己宠物被细心护理的状态,customers can see their own pets being carefully cared while they are shopping pet products ©北京锐景摄影


▼空间轴测图,将宠物用品售卖空间分为4个大小不一的“岛”,the axon, dividing the sales space of pet products into 4 “islands” with different sizes ©谜舍设计工作室

Nazodesign didn’t utilize the regular goods display cabinets but divided the sales space of pet products into 4 “islands” with different sizes, each “island” takes a display function of multiple types of items which enables the 4 “islands” to combine with each other together. The design concept of combination creates a live and interesting circulation. Customers are more like wandering around in a “forest” within a frame, which provides customers a more interesting shopping experience compared with “ convenient store type space”.

▼一个由框架构成的购物“森林”,a shopping “forest” within a frame ©北京锐景摄影

▼由围合和咬合创造出的空间动线丰富而有趣,the design concept of combination creates a live and interesting circulation ©北京锐景摄影

▼4个“岛”互相咬合在一起,4 “islands” combine with each other together ©北京锐景摄影

▼谜舍设计针对不同的物品设计了多种陈列形式,Nazodesign designed a variety of display forms for different items ©北京锐景摄影



▼室内空间局部,使用了具有半通透感的穿孔铝板吊顶,partial interior space with perforated aluminum plates with a sense of semi-permeable as ceilings ©北京锐景摄影

For increasing the sense of spatial experience, Nazodesign inserts several white walls with arc window holes on the “island group” consists of 4 “island”. The insertion of walls subtly changed the connections among the “island group” and the window holes offered more intimacy. Different customers wander around in the “island group” and become the frame view in each other’s eyes.

The original ceiling pipelines are messy and all over. Nazodesign utilized a perforated aluminum plate with a sense of semi-permeable instead of completely closed ceiling, which softened the space atmosphere and the pipelines hidden inside have a sense of sculpture under the “filtration” of the material of semi-permeable.

▼空间融入了弧形元素,柔化空间的同时丰富了空间的表情,arc elements are integrated in the space, which soften the space and enrich the expressions of the space at the same time ©北京锐景摄影

▼货品的陈列架将有榫卯细节的木框架与具有现代感的阳极氧化铝板结合在一起,洗练而又不失品质感,the display shelf of goods combines the wooden frame with tenon details with modern anodized aluminum plate, which is practical and with a sense of texture ©北京锐景摄影


Large area of white, wood and cement color creates a space of pureness, warmth and full of senses of texture, with the symbolic blue as embellishment to enhance the recognition and liveliness of the space.

▼宠物洗澡区使用了大面积具有洁净感的白色细纹砖,white fine-grained bricks with a sense of cleanliness are used for large space of pets shower area ©北京锐景摄影

▼平面图,plan ©谜舍设计工作室


Project: Noblepets
Area:183 sqm
Completion date: Dec 2019
Design:Nazodesign Studio
Project team: Tian Shaoyin, Zeng Yuxian,Yoichi Takizawa,Li Ran,Guo YiKe , Zhang qing,Huang KaiFeng,Wang SiYuan(intern)
Photography:Misae Hiromatsu, Yuming Song (Beijing Ruijing Photo)

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