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位于生态湿地边缘的宁波市图书馆新馆是丹麦建筑事务所Schmidt Hammer Lassen在中国完成的首个图书馆项目。

Located on the edge of an ecological wetland, the new public library in Ningbo is Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s first completed library project in China.

▼图书馆外观,exterior view ©Adam Mørk


The 31,800-square-metre Ningbo New Library. Located 200 kilometres south of Shanghai at the centre of Ningbo, China’s new cultural hub, the library is a vital element in the ongoing development of the city.

▼场地鸟瞰,aerial view ©Adam Mørk


“七年前我们第一次来到宁波,那时的东部新城才刚刚开始发展,”Schmidt Hammer Lassen事务所合伙人及上海办公室设计总监Chris Hardie表示:“新图书馆不仅是生态湿地景观的一部分,同时也是构成当地文化脉络的一部分,能够见证它的落成,对于我们的团队而言无疑是一个意义重大的里程碑。”

▼设计手稿,sketch ©Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Founded in 1927, the original Ningbo City Library held the largest collection of historic and ancient books in the region and attracted three to four thousand daily visitors. The new library, with its open, accessible architecture, aims to double the number of daily visitors and become the cultural heart of the community.

“We first came to Ningbo seven years ago when the Eastern New Town area of Ningbo was just beginning to slowly redevelop,” said Chris Hardie, Partner and Design Director Shanghai at Schmidt Hammer Lassen. “To see the library completed and part of not only the new ecological wetland landscape, but also the fabric of the local culture, is a rewarding milestone for our team.”

▼主入口立面,main entrance facade ©Adam Mørk

▼从周围花园望向建筑,view from the surrounding garden ©Adam Mørk

▼湖面视角,view from the water front ©Adam Mørk

▼立面细部,facade detailed view ©Adam Mørk


An airy, welcoming new home to two million books


▼一层平面图,plan level 01

Ningbo New Library is organized around an 8,000-square-metre open “square” on the first level. It comprises the most popular library functions and collections including the main lobby, reader services, children’s library, 24-hour library, a library for the visually impaired, two lecture halls, a café, and the grand reading room. The ground floor is visually open on all sides, connecting it to an external public plaza and a landscaped ecological park and lake.

▼室内空间概览,interior overall view ©Adam Mørk

▼阅读空间,reading area ©Adam Mørk

▼首层咖啡厅,cafe on the ground floor ©Adam Mørk

▼儿童阅读区,kids’ reading space ©Adam Mørk


“We wanted to create a very legible building for Ningbo,” says Hardie. “The previous library was quite labyrinthine, so Ningbo New Library has an intentional spatial clarity.”

▼信息询问台,info desk ©Adam Mørk

▼清晰通达的空间,a clear and accessible space


In the heart of the library is a central atrium that cuts vertically through the building’s five levels. The generous, 28-metre-high space connects the ground floor square with a series of quieter research spaces and the historic collections on the floors above. The use of natural daylight in all interior spaces is optimized through the building orientation, and natural ventilation is maximized through the central atrium.

▼中庭贯通了图书馆的五个楼层,the  central atrium cuts vertically through the building’s five levels ©Adam Mørk

▼中庭的艺术装置,art installation in the atrium ©Adam Mørk

▼中庭内部立面,internal facade of the atrium ©Adam Mørk


A landscape of contemplation


The spatial and architectural concept for the library creates a strong identity at the heart of the development. The journey to the main entrance over the wetland takes the user through a journey of escapism and contemplation where bridges, walkways, water, and nature blend as one sculptural landscape. A distinct and open facade welcomes visitors while casting a shimmering reflection on the lake.

▼生态湿地上的图书馆,the library is located on the edge of an ecological wetland ©Adam Mørk


The serene surrounding library landscape contains gardens where ponds form habitats for aquatic plants and animals and where the sky reflects in the pools’ surfaces. The landscape acts as a retreat for meditation and contemplation where people can disconnect from their busy daily lives and enjoy tranquility and relaxation.

▼花园景观带来冥想和静思之所,the landscape acts as a retreat for meditation and contemplation ©Adam Mørk

▼场地平面图,site plan ©Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

▼一层平面图,plan level 01 ©Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

▼二层平面图,plan level 02 ©Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

▼立面图,elevations ©Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

▼剖面图,section ©Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Client: City of Ningbo, Ningbo Library
Architect:Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Landscape Architect:Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Interior Design:Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Building Area:31,800 m²
Competition:1st prize, restricted invited international competition
Status:Completed, 2019
Artist collaboration:Richard Sweeney
Art facilitation and fabrication:UAP
Photography:Adam Mørk

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