Ma Yansong Revealed “Niku Rug” – Design for Labradors

“Architecture for Dogs” invites Ma Yansong along with 13 internationally acclaimed architects

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马岩松应“设计:为了爱犬”展览之邀为拉布拉多犬设计的犬居“Niku Rug”设计公布。该展览由日本平面设计大师原研哉发起策划,邀请了马岩松及13组国际知名建筑师、设计师,为不同品种的狗设计居所,试图通过设计作品在人和狗的尺寸之间建立连接的通道,并希望人们以动物的角度,重新观察、审视世界。

马岩松以拉布拉多犬依恋主人,幼年活泼好动,喜吃肉的天性,设计了三款名为“Niku Rug”的手工编织褥垫。“Niku”在日语中意为“肉”,“Niku Rug”由三种不同颜色的毛线手工编织而成,凸显了肉块深浅不一的纹理。与传统容纳动物的密闭囚笼不同,“Niku Rug”是一张陪同拉布拉多成长、玩耍的肉形状线毯,也为拉布拉多提供了一方与主人共处的舒适空间。

“设计:为了爱犬”展览,于2015年8月8日至10月11日期间,在上海喜玛拉雅美术馆展出。参加此次展览还包括Atelier Bow-Wow、伊东丰雄、MVRDV、隈研吾、Konstantin Grcic、妹岛和世、TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.、内藤广、坂茂、藤本壮介、Reiser+Umemoto、原设计研究所及原研哉本人等13组国际知名建筑师/设计师。

Initiated and curated by Japanese graphic designer Kenya Hara, “Architecture for Dogs” invites Ma Yansong along with 13 internationally acclaimed architects and designers to examine a new medium of architecture for dogs. Moving from human scale to animal scale, each design is inspired by the distinctive characteristics of a specific canine breed to inform an architecture that considers the world according to dogs and creates a bond between dogs and their owners.

Known to be excellent family companions, the Labrador Retriever enjoys close proximity to its owners. In addition to their obedience, Labradors are an athletic breed meant for an active lifestyle in retrieving hunting game. Ma Yansong considers the ultimate reward for the loyal Labrador: a hefty cut of Niku – Japanese for “meat.” The Niku Rug is in a meat-shaped, DIY woolen dog pad that mimics the natural marbling textures found in meat though a simple palette of three colors. Offered in three distinct pattern-sizes, Niku Rug grows with the Labrador from puppy to adult dog and unlike traditional dog kennels, Niku Rug can easily move around the home to further cement the bond between pet and family.  

The “Architecture for Dogs” exhibition will on display in Shanghai Himalayas Museum from Aug.8th –Oct. 11th, 2015. The exhibition series previously included Atelier Bow-Wow, Toyo Ito, MVRDV, Kengo Kuma, Konstantin Grcic, Kazuyo Sejima, TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc. Naito Hiroshi, Shigeru Ban, Sou Fujimoto, Reiser+Umemoto, Hara Design Institute and Kenya Hara himself.

▼Photo by Hiroshi Yoda


▼Photo by Hiroshi Yoda


▼Photo by Hiroshi Yoda


▼Photo by Hiroshi Yoda



▼Photo by Ding Yifei, Courtesy Shanghai Himalayas Museum


“Niku Rug”(肉垫)
尺寸:A 750*456mm, B 1200*570mm, C 950*520mm
设计团队:胡爻,Felix Amiss
“Niku Rug”
Type: Product
Size: A 750*456mm, B 1200*570mm, C 950*520mm
Directors in Charge: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano
Design Team: Jacob Hu, Felix Amiss


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