Next to the Blue Church by Kilo/Honč

Simple and functional one-bedroom studio apartment

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The apartment Next to The Blue Church is a kind of weekend loft close to the historical center of Bratislava. In its original state, it was rather a larger and rigid “cell” with a hidden potential and beautiful view of the Art Nouveau monument called “The Blue Church”. We were not looking for a design or a careful and meticulous craft for this apartment, it was not important for us, because it would not give you that experience of well-being. For us, it was mainly about views, openings, atmospheres, location, the play of light and shadow. Therefore, the materials are largely transparent and functional. We let the open space stand out with its high ceilings.

▼室内概览,preview © Matej Hakár


▼原始状态和改造后轴测,previous state and renovated axon © Kilo/Honč

The original standard layout offered a separate bathroom, a lowered plasterboard ceiling with all possible hidden wiring and technology and a kitchen leaning against the wall turned with its back towards the view of the Blue Church. By removing the ceiling, reorganizing the technological infrastructure, and inserting a mezzanine floor, this studio became a full-fledged apartment with a separate night zone and a comfortable staircase. The inserted floor expanded the floor area about additional 15 square meters. By using a wall from translucent glass blocks between the bathroom and the new kitchen, we brought daylight into the kitchen area, so that the space appears optically larger. The apartment is equipped only with the most essential objects with generous proportions. There is a 1.2-meter-deep daybed instead of a traditional sofa, the generous white walls are used as projection screen instead of holding a big TV. On the upper floor there is a sleeping area, a set of shelves for clothes and a large rug for daily lounging.

▼由入口望向内部 © Matej Hakár
view to the inside area from the entrance

▼开放式厨房,open kitchen © Matej Hakár

▼玻璃砖墙将厨房和浴室隔开,the glass brick wall separates the kitchen with the bathroom © Matej Hakár

▼由客厅望向用餐区 © Matej Hakár
view to the dining area from the living room

▼由用餐区望向客厅 © Matej Hakár
view to the living room from the dining area

▼用餐区,dining area © Matej Hakár

▼细部,details © Matej Hakár

▼客厅,living room © Matej Hakár

▼1.2米的大床代替传统的沙发,the 1.2-meter-deep daybed instead of the traditional sofa © Matej Hakár

▼从夹层俯瞰客厅,view overlooking the living room from the mezzanine © Matej Hakár

▼夹层用作寝区,the mezzanine serves as a sleeping area © Matej Hakár

▼夹层内部,inside view © Matej Hakár


We like when there does not have to be strict order in the apartment, when a person is in constant interaction with the surrounding environment, allowed to rediscover and modify it over time. We enjoy when space encourages creativity, when its character can change without the loss of quality, when it offers a variety of different scales for people to interact with.

▼盥洗台,washstand © Matej Hakár

▼淋浴间,shower © Matej Hakár

▼平面图,floor plan © Kilo/Honč

▼夹层平面图,mezzanine plan © Kilo/Honč

Project Name: Next to the Blue Church
Office Name: Kilo / Honč
Office Website:
Social Media Accounts:
Contact email:
Firm Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 35,25 sqm (+13,45sqm)
Project location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Program: Weekend Loft for young couple
Lead Architects: Mgr. art. Richard Kilo, Ing. arch. Matej Honč
Lead Architects e-mail:
Photo Credits: Matej Hakár
Photographer’s Website:
Photographer’s e-mail:

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