Nanshan Wufutang Foreign Language School, China by Describing Architecture Studio

An important part of attracting Zhushan people to travel back

Project Specs


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Zhushan, located in the hinterland of Qinba Mountain Area in Northwest Hubei Province, has a steep terrain. Surrounded by the river, its county seat is dense due to less flat land. With the cultural center and government offices moving to the other side of the river, on a rare strip of flat land, a new complex is born, undertaking the outward movement of urban life and echoing the old city. Nanshan wufutang foreign language school, as an important part of attracting Zhushan people to travel back, is located in this complex.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the project © 何炼 直译建筑摄影


The site area of Nanshan wufutang foreign language school is about 21460 square meters. It needs to accommodate 45 classes of primary school, junior high school and senior high school, with a total floor area of 20000 square meters. It is surrounded by roads and other commercial and residential buildings. Due to the requirements of spacing ,specification and sunshine, and the functional zoning of small, middle and high schools, the building is destined to be carried out in a tense layout.

▼场地环境,context © 何炼 直译建筑摄影

▼顶视图,rooftop view © 何炼 直译建筑摄影

▼操场视角,view from the playground © 何炼 直译建筑摄影


▼轴测图,axon © 小写建筑事务所

The first floor of the building is basically in the state of full paving, and six groups of functional blocks, on the premise of meeting the specifications and use, have just been stuck in their position by the spacing requirements. Canteen, covered court, lecture hall are set in the middle of the teaching building, only in the teaching building between the gables, leaving a 15 meter wide corridor. We hope to create a unique connection on the main channel of the North-South entrance and the main connecting space of each functional block.

▼通廊在主要通道和各个功能体块之间创造出独特的联系 © 何炼 直译建筑摄影
the corridor creates a unique connection on the main channel and between each functional block

▼通廊夜景,night view © 何炼 直译建筑摄影

▼顶板细部,ceiling view © 何炼 直译建筑摄影


Primary school, junior high school and senior high school teaching buildings do not need to connect each floor; The shared laboratory building needs to be more closely connected with them. Therefore, we set up curved corridors of different positions and floors according to the demand. On the North-South Corridor, formed a high and low scattered space experience. The flowing horizontal lines surround the main building and form the main external image of the school. Each layer of the curved corridor changes, resulting in a unique sense of scattered, and also makes the viewer have a unique perspective and viewfinder on the surrounding environment. The interior walls of the classroom are painted in dark gray to produce a visual retreat, lively contact with white paint to form a visual highlight, and each layer of gradual change of color under the roof is intended to create some temperature and relaxation in the tense campus life.

▼流动的水平线条把主楼包围起来,The flowing horizontal lines surround the main building © 何炼 直译建筑摄影

▼曲线的处理带来独特的视角和取景框 © 何炼 直译建筑摄影
Each layer of the curved corridor offers a unique perspective and viewfinder on the surrounding environment


The height difference between the north and the south of the site is 6 meters, which forms a double first floor activity space, and the south entrance connects with various overhead activity rooms; The north entrance is connected with the courtyard space on the ground, and the two-tier space is connected by various hollowed out courtyards and stairs, which makes the ground activity site interesting and extended in both horizontal and vertical directions.

▼二层绿化庭院,green garden on the second floor © 何炼 直译建筑摄影

▼二层种植园地,planting field on the second floor © 何炼 直译建筑摄影

▼走廊,corridor © 何炼 直译建筑摄影

▼楼梯,staircase © 何炼 直译建筑摄影

▼教学楼立面,teaching building facade © 何炼 直译建筑摄影

▼剖轴测图,axon exploded © 小写建筑事务所

▼一层平面图,1st floor plan © 小写建筑事务所

▼二层平面图,2nd floor plan © 小写建筑事务所

▼三层平面图,3rd floor plan © 小写建筑事务所

▼四层平面图,4th floor plan © 小写建筑事务所

▼五层平面图,5th floor plan © 小写建筑事务所

项目名称: 南山五福堂外国语学校
建筑事务所: 小写建筑事务所
主创建筑师: 袁媛、李伟
设计团队:曾文娟,姜鹏,汪思民,袁帅,马薇,雷玲,叶枝,曹家昌,邹晓明, 徐佳莹,张瑞
项目详细地址: 湖北省十堰市竹山县南门路
项目完成年份: 2020年8月
建筑面积(平方米): 20000㎡
摄影师: 何炼 直译建筑摄影
室内设计/ 小写建筑事务所
景观设计/ 小写建筑事务所
施工负责/ 湖北中宇恒泰建设工程有限公司
业主 / 南山五福堂(竹山)教育管理有限公司

Project name:Nanshan wufutang foreign language school
Design:Describing Architecture Studio
Email address:
Leader designer:YUAN Yuan , LI Wei
Design team: ZENG Wenjuan, JIANG Peng, WANG Si Ming,YUAN Shuai, MA Wei, LEI Ling , YE Zhi, CAO Jiachang, ZHOU Xiaoming, XU JiaYing, ZHANG Rui
Location:Nanmen Road, Zhushan County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province
Completed: Aug. 2020
Gross built area: 20000㎡
Photographs: HE Lian. Literal translation architectural photography studio
Interior design: Describing Architecture Studio
Landscape design: Describing Architecture Studio

Construction responsibility: Hubei Zhongyu Hengtai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd
Client: Nanshan wufutang (Zhushan) Education Management Co., Ltd

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