Nanjing Xin Jie Kou Suning Plaza, China by Aedas

Aedas builds the New Skyline of Nanjing.

Project Specs


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Suning Plaza designed by Aedas locates in the core area of Xinjiekou Business District, Nanjing. The design was inspired by the conception of “Seal” to build the unique 360-meter super high-rise project, which integrates the functions of office, retail and hotel. Suning Plaza showcases the thousand years of history and culture of Nanjing, making it a new landmark in Nanjing’s skyline.

▼项目外观效果图,external rendering of the project

▼远景,项目成为南京天际线新景观,the project will become a a new landmark in Nanjing’s skyline

南京新街口核心商圈位于南京古城中心, 被誉为“中华第一商圈”。地块周边高楼林立,是南京重要的高层核心集群。Aedas以设计意向为突破,从中国传统艺术篆刻印章中获取灵感,“印”字左部是“爪”,右部是“节”,合起来是手持符节,执者为信,充分体现苏宁“至真至诚”的企业精神。我们尝试挖掘出蕴含在这座千年古都的内在气韵,并融入现代的表达元素。微微向上收分的线条,典雅内敛,将现代的形式美感与传统的人文内涵达到恰到好处的和谐统一,为老城区注入蓬勃的生机活力。

▼形体生成,form generation

Nanjing Xinjiekou business district located in the centre of Nanjing old town, is known as “the first business district in China”. The project is surrounded by numerous high-risebuildings, together creating important core high-rise cluster in Nanjing.The project takes inspiration from a profound traditional art – seal cutting. Composed of “Claw(爪)” at left and “Tally(节)” at right, a Chinese character “Yin(印)” represents a person holding tally in hand who is creditworthy, which gives full expression to the corporate spirit “Being Truehearted and Sincere” of Suning. We refined the inner charm of this thousand-year-old city and integrated with modern elements. The elegant contour line upwards and combines the modern form of beauty with the traditional humanistic connotation inviting vigour and vitality into the old town.

▼鸟瞰,项目位于南京古城中心,aerial view of the project in the center of Nanjing old town

▼项目外观与周边环境,view of the building and its surroundings

▼从塔楼上层可以俯瞰南京老城,the old city of Nanjing could be viewed from the tower


▼清晨塔楼人视效果图,personnel view of the tower in the morning

▼塔楼入口,entrance of the tower

The base of tower applies stretching arc lines, and the lobby space is divided into four parts. The exterior and interior design are all perfectly united together, making the tower looks like a jade seal in beautiful sunset. Offices and service facilities of hotel locate on middle and lower levels, where the space is spacious and bright with adequate natural light. The hotel is located on upper levels providing the view of Xuanwu Lake, Zijin Shan and the whole city. Special underwater restaurant and rooftop bar providing observation decks allow people to overlook the beauty of Nanjing and experience the changes of this great city for thousands of years.


▼水下餐厅,underwater restaurant

▼屋顶酒吧,rooftop bar


The podium façade also features the abstract design element of seal. The design applies four-petal as a basic unit form, combined with the demand of natural light in the interior space, to form a vivid facade with a sense of rhythm. The north and south atriums are decorated with inverted seal creating a simple and introverted oriental texture and artistic atmosphere. The main entrance of the podium is facing the commercial pedestrian street and commercial plaza. The underground circulation links the sunk plaza, Fashion Lady Shopping Plaza and Metro Line 2, guiding the flow of people to improve business efficiency.

▼商业裙楼外观渲染图,external rendering of the podium

▼商业空间室内效果图,interior rendering of the commercial space

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