Naked Castle Resort Hotel, China by Shanghai Tianhua Architecture

To create an environment-friendly top-class resort with unique design quality and vacation experience

Project Specs


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The design concept of Naked Castle Project is to create an environment-friendly top-class resort with unique design quality and vacation experience. The project aims to create a more healthy and sustainable vacation spot on the basis of respecting the environment and protecting the existing regional landscape, and meanwhile to achieve high standards, and to emphasize sustainable development, green, environmental protection and energy conservation.



If the Naked Castle is a fairytale dream-world, the architects and engineers who have brought it to reality are “dreamers”. To perfect the whole design concept of the Naked Castle, a project of more than 10,000 square meters, the “dream makers” have dedicated themselves for nearly three years. Their plans deepened with the tireless works on every detail, and had timely feedbacks and corrections when the construction drawing was coordinated. Shanghai tianhua architectural design co., LTD. and the Naked Castle team held common ecological architectural concept, and strived to make the original design fully realized.

▼夜景鸟瞰,aerial night view ©苏圣亮


In order to minimize the damage to the original landscape and ecological slope, the Naked Castle adopted light structure, and the foundation excavation scheme selected the minimum pile, which would also save raw materials, transportation, and labor costs at the same time. In the actual construction, some piles could not reach the design depth. The dream makers visited the site for times in order to solve the structure problems, and adjusted the offset angle of the structure on the basis that it did not affect the design purpose and construction quality.

▼裸心堡采用了轻质的、符合山地的吊脚楼结构,the Naked Castle adopted light structure and minimum pile foundation ©苏圣亮


In order to cope with local context and to fit better into the indigenous environment of Mogan Mountain, the design team chose a lot of local building materials, recycled old wooden frame, and hoped that the project could be built in the local traditional way. Stone, bamboo, recycled beams and columns, as well as traditional softball stone wall, rammed earth house, mud wall not only contributed in environmental protection, but also created a natural atmosphere.

▼酒店内景,interior view


▼室内运用了石头、竹子和回收的旧梁柱,stone, bamboo, recycled beams and columns are used in the interior



In June 2017, the Naked Castle was back with a new look after a hundred years. “Dream makers” have carried out the original design concept with professional insights and full dedications.

▼传统的泥胚墙衬托出浑然天成的韵味及氛围,the mud walls contributed in environmental protection and created a natural atmosphere ©苏圣亮




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