Little Woods – Vsmooth Café in Shanghai, China by JOY SEASON Studio

Forest in the lattice.

Project Specs


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The owner of the coffee shop is a lady from Vietnam. Growing up in a coffee plantation, the lush grove is a gem of peacock green in her memory. JOY SEASON as helped transform this coffee shop, offering a slice of the idyllic woods right in the heart of Lujiazui, Shanghai. Serving Vietnamese coffee, it will steal your heart even just at a glance.

▼咖啡厅外观,external view of the cafe




Even though the coffee shop is located in an environment amid hustle and bustle, with a neighboring beauty shop 、foot massage parlor and some various fast food stores, Shanghai’s most expensive and tallest buildings are just three hundred meters away. JOY SEASON decided to create a new order in a montage environment, an order has a style on its own. This new order is too proud to blend in this noisy place and dark tone, instead, it is eager to jump out from the shadow of arcade with an incredibly full power.

▼咖啡厅外观,在暗色的环境中别具一格,external view of the cafe, standing out from the dark tone environment


The lush coffee plantation in the tropics is where the story started. By extracting this concept, we can continue the story. Of course, it doesn’t mean having a couple of plants or painting several trees, JOY SEASON believes that figurative expression is limited, but abstract language, which has been extracted, can bring viewers unlimited imagination.

▼店面饰以不同颜色的圆球,意指葱郁的咖啡森林,shop front decorated by color balls, implying the lush coffee plantation


From the ground up, indigo to pure white, corresponding with the rich green of coffee plantation‘s bottom and the pure sky. The rosy red among them is from the color of fruit growing from the trees. When the lights behind the installation shine through, you will find the woods in the distance if you staring at the lattice.

▼入口,彩球从青到白,缀以玫红,entrance, color gradation from indigo to white, with rosy red spotted here and there

▼装饰细部,details of the decoration


JOY SEASON doesn’t want design to be a pile of cold materials or an overlay of adjectives, instead, we want to turn design into many touching moments with imagination.



要么做个有趣的人,要么,做有趣的事。It’s possible to be different and still fabulous。

JOY SEASON believes: either be a cool person, or do cool things. It’s possible to be different and still fabulous。



▼细部平面图,detail plan


Project Name: Vsmooth Cafe
Location:Pudong District, Shanghai
Design Firm: JOY SEASON Studio
Designer: LIANG Haitao, YANG Hao
Design Date: 11/2017-12/2017
Complete Date: 01/2018-03/2018
Photographer: Arttteeezy

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