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Myconian Avaton酒店

Myconian Avaton坐落在Mykonos最长的私人海岸线上。它于露石中拔地而起,如同悬浮在海与天之间,宏伟壮观的景象令人赞叹。栖身在Elia海滩上的建筑面朝大海享受着无尽的天然海景。这些传统的希腊风格建筑在露石,白墙和木窗的映衬下显得格外平静。该处沙滩配有阳光浴场,85间极具设计感的套房,还有从两房到四房不等的现代化别墅,搭配古典家具,私人泳池,室内浴室和户外的迷人景致,打造出别样的精神空间享受。

Set on a private section of one of the longest beaches on Mykonos, Myconian Avaton seems to grow miraculously out of bare rock, rising up majestically as if suspended between sky and sea. A showpiece on the famed Elia Beach, the property is defined by its stunning panoramas; its traditional Cycladic architecture, blending local stone with white walls and wooden windows; its sublime spa and wellness facilities; and its 85 harmoniously designed rooms, suites, and two- to four-bedroom villas, where modern and vintage furniture match the eternal spirit of the surroundings and private pools and Jacuzzis abound.

▼远眺Myconian Avaton,distant view of Myconian Avaton

▼沙滩上铺满了传统希腊风格建筑, the place is fulfilled with traditional Cycladic architecture

▼酒店配有私人泳池,the private pool

▼拥有俯瞰山下的绝美景色,enjoys the view below


▼建筑在露石,白墙和木窗的映衬下显得格外平静,the architecture is blending local stone with white walls and wooden windows

▼复古家居打造现代化生活,the modern and vintage furniture match the eternal spirit of the surroundings


Myconian Kyma酒店

Myconian Kyma与米科诺斯城镇仅一箭之遥。这栋拥有81间客房的酒店,享受着恣意慵懒的阳光,俯瞰着山下繁忙的都市生活。绝佳的位置让人纵身自然风光中一饱眼福,而一流的空间设计,也带给来访者最舒适与放松的假日享受。定制化的酒店环境意味着它将为所有人提供最满意的服务。从繁闹的米科诺斯城镇开始,在著名的提洛岛古城游走一走,感受一下水上娱乐和骑马,再搭乘私人游艇或租用酒店的私人直升机环海岸游行一圈,这将是最充实的一天。该酒店拥有典型的白色方盒子外貌,大部分房间都拥有私人泳池和露台,而一家世界级的牛排餐厅也将在这里为所有人提供服务。

Located a stone’s throw from Mykonos Town, the 81-room hotel claims a golden, sun-drenched perch just above the buzz below. Unobstructed views pervade the eyeline, while top-notch pampering ensures relaxation and respite for the whole family. At Myconian Kyma a tailored approach to service means there’s something for everyone’s tastes. From a day spent in Mykonos town, a day trip to the ancient city of Delos, tips on the best beaches, and organizing water sports and horseback riding, to assisting with private yachts and even the hire of the hotel’s own helicopter. Throw in classic Myconian white cube dwellings–most with private pools or terraces–a world class steakhouse, an Instagram-worthy infinity pool, Thalasso Spa, and there is no indulgent whim unmet.

▼典型地中海建筑风格,the classic Mediterranean architecture

▼客房配有私人浴池,most of the bedrooms have private pools

▼餐厅享受迷人景致,the restaurant enjoys the stunning view

▼简洁现代的客房风格,the modern design of the bedrooms



Scorpios Mykonos沙滩俱乐部以音乐会场和内向的花园,开启了夏日生活的豪华休闲体验。该俱乐部旨在为来访者打造由内而外的舒适享受。顶级DJ音乐现场营造出令人沉醉的滨海气氛,这里的夏日精选揭幕包括Sneaky Sound System,Blond:ish,Sol Selectas,Unders和当地最受欢迎传奇人物Valeron。相比不同的是,这里的音乐演出并非是Deep Playa,迷幻科技和现场电子混音的融合形式。一段治愈系音乐节奏,一份健康美味的地中海风味餐单,和一杯足够新鲜的有机果汁,营造出身心健康的滨海旅程。这是你不能错过的一场星空下的赤脚舞步。

The laidback, luxurious and holistic beach club Scorpios Mykonos kicks off a hotly anticipated summer lineup with two distinct programming approaches: Music Rituals and Inner Gardens. With full mind and body wellness operating as the driving force here, the Music Rituals component melds top DJ talent with live instrumentals to create an intoxicating seaside atmosphere. Summer highlights includes sets by Sneaky Sound System, Blond:ish, Sol Selectas, Unders, and local legend Valeron. Expect easy mixes of Deep Playa, tech-tinged psychedelic house, and a fusing of live electronic and acoustic sounds. A heady mix of healing beats, a health-focused Mediterranean menu, and fresh juice elixirs nurture a spirit of organic togetherness. Barefoot dancing under stars encouraged.

▼远眺俱乐部,view from distance

▼户外沙滩休息空间,the leisure space


▼俱乐部室内社交空间,the inner social place

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