New Facility Along Norwegian Scenic Route Andøya by Morfeus Arkitekter

A persistent architectural expression within landscape

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Just south of Børvågen along Norwegian Scenic Route Andøya in Northern Norway we find the rock formation of Bohkegeargi; a protected Sami cultural monument where nature has carved out her own altar and pulpit.  Over the last 50-60 years this has been the venue of an annual open-air church service that attracts people from all over the district.  In pre-Christian lore, this was a sacred site, where Sami people made offerings to the gods, to which the sacrificial cave on the seaside bears witness.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


On Thursday 7 June 2018, the NPRA is opening the new rest area of Bukkekjerka. The landscape surrounding Bukkekjerka is dramatic. The road separates steep mountains in the east from the open sea that breaks against the shore in the west. The view towards the north is magnificent, and Bukkekjerka is a good place to see both sea eagles and the midnight sun. If you are lucky, you may even spot a whale from land.

▼服务区域,service functions

▼临海视角,view towards the seashore

▼俯瞰步道,aerial view


The facility consists of different elements spread out in the landscape: Parking and service functions, a fire site on the shore, a free-standing seating bench, picnic areas, paths, and a footbridge that shows the way out towards the lighthouses. The introduction of the various elements into the landscape is to help uncover the inherent qualities of the place. The persistent architectural expression consists of folded concrete slabs, inspired by the jagged mountain peaks in the area. Variations within the same materiality arise from different functions, and especially in their encounter with different landscape situations.

▼圣坛南面的休息区域,rest area south on consecrated ground



The service building with toilets has one-way mirror glass so that the visitor in private may enjoy the view over the open sea and the row of mountain peaks in the north. On the outside, the mirror glass windows reflect the magnificent landscape. The building otherwise consists of polished, acid-resistant steel that reflects the surroundings. Furthest south is a picnic area on consecrated ground. This part of the facility is planned to be used for an annual open-air church service on the island, and is also a good place to study the characteristic geological rock formations of the area.

▼抛光的耐酸钢表面将壮观的景色反射出来,polished, acid-resistant steel reflects the surroundings

▼厕所内设有单向镜面,使用者能够在保证隐私的前提下欣赏美景,the one-way mirror glass in the toilets allows the visitor in private to enjoy the view

▼细部,detailed view

▼场地平面图,location map

▼停车场及服务中心平面图,parking and service plan

▼停车场及服务中心立面图,parking and service elevations

▼停车场及服务中心剖面图,parking and service sections

▼休息区平面图及剖面图,rest area plan and section

▼长椅平面图及剖面图,bench plan and section

▼人行桥平面图和剖面图,footbridge plan and section


▼服务区玻璃立面细部,service glassfront detail

Location: Bukkekjerka, Andøya in Vesterålen, Nordland, Norway
Building Type: Main rest station for the Norwegian Scenic Routes
Client: Norwegian Scenic Routes
Size: Approx. 260 m2
Architect: Morfeus Arkitekter / Partners Caroline Støvring & Cecilie Wille
Project leader: Hugo Fagermo, State Road Administration, Norwegian Scenic Routes
Contractor: Veidekke Entreprenør

More: Morfeus Arkitekter

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