Music Hall for The Alliance Primary School in Hong Kong, China by Groundwork Architects

Extensive and lively primary school life created by unique music space

Project Specs


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▼项目外观,音乐厅建于教学楼之间,external view of the music hall, located in between the teaching buildings ©Fiona Bao

The Alliance Primary School (APS) was built in 1992. Hong Kong buildings are infamously densely built and schools like APS are no different. it followed a hall-mark school typology back-then: a multi-storied building where only a courtyard served as its aperture for sunlight. APS felt that music is integral for children’s development and it has been a cradle for young musicians and it has a great student orchestra. Yet, APS never had a dedicated rehearsal space. Perhaps our interventions for APS may signify how education in the 21st Century may have evolved.

▼顶视图,top view of the music hall ©Fiona Bao


▼音乐厅紧贴教学楼而建,the music hall was built close to the existing building ©Fiona Bao

▼音乐厅与原界面之间保留一道缝隙,gap between the music hall and the existing building ©Fiona Bao

▼从新旧建筑的缝隙向上仰望,二者立面形成鲜明对比,looking up to the gap, contrast between the new music hall and the existing building ©Fiona Bao

▼立面细部,details of the facade ©Fiona Bao

The only outdoor space for the school will be its courtyard, which is around 200 sq.m, it was also where we would build over with the music hall. We do not wish to sacrifice this precious out-door space. Thus, we hovered the music hall above the courtyard, which would retain the courtyard space by converting it into a semi-outdoor auditorium and playground area, hence gaining a music hall.

▼音乐厅上抬以保留活动空间,lift the music hall to reserve the playground

▼形态生成图解,回应基地周边的环境,form generation responding with the site conditions and adjacency locally

At first, we wish to build with glass, so that sunlight may still reach the classrooms in the existing building. Glass is not acoustically favoured for a music hall, so we must explore alternatives. Eventually, we have landed on a steel cladding/steel structure option. But if we build an opaque steel box abutting the existing school, the structure will be overpowering for the existing building.

▼音乐厅底部架空形成活动空间,the music hall was elevated to create a space for activities ©Fiona Bao

▼音乐厅下方的活动空间,activity space under the music hall ©Fiona Bao

BIM and computational design enabled us to build an irregular steel structure where its gently curved surfaces may glide against the existing building with grace. The two structures – the new and the old, the curved and the rigid – are in dialogues with each other, while the gaps between the two contrasting structures would allow sunlight, wind and even rain to season the school.

▼BIM辅助设计的曲线结构,curved structure designed by BIM ©Fiona Bao

The rooftop was designed to be beautiful too, so that it may serve as an “artificially natural” landscape that would ritualize the extension without comprising their overall aesthetics. Sometimes, some contrasts are good; some rebellious designs are good.

▼半开放的阶梯讲堂,semi-open stepped lecture space ©Fiona Bao

▼波浪般起伏的天花营造独特的氛围,waved ceiling created unique atmosphere ©Fiona Bao

The music hall interiors are lined with acoustic panels that are overlaid by semi-transparent chiffon. The chiffons would veil the acoustic panels underneath.

▼音乐教室,由半透明的雪纺围合,music classroom enclosed by semi-transparent chiffons ©Fiona Bao

▼雪纺材料细部,closer view to the chiffons ©Fiona Bao


▼与现有建筑相连的半室外展示及活动空间,covered exhibition and activity space connected with the existing building ©Fiona Bao

It has been a few months since the music hall starts to operate and we have the fortune to witness its actions. We see children playing “tag” (chasing game) even over in a rainy day underneath the music hall. We see children inventing new games over the new floor patterns that we have designed.

exploded axonometric ©Groundwork Arhictects

▼剖轴测图,axonometric section ©Groundwork Arhictects

4th floor layout ©Groundwork Arhictects

5th floor layout ©Groundwork Arhictects

roof layout ©Groundwork Arhictects

▼立面图,elevation ©Groundwork Arhictects

▼剖面图,section ©Groundwork Arhictects

CLIENT: Alliance Primary School Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
COMPLETION DAY: January 2020
COST: 3,590,000 USD (approx.)
ADDRESS: 2 Lancashire Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
AREA: 300 + 150 + 200 sq. m (approx.)
DESIGN: Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd. 
ARCHITECTS: Krystal Lung, Jonathan Lau, Clarissa Chau, Tiffany Chin, Lawrence Law, Echo Xiang, Enoch Chu, CY Lau, Manfred Yuen
PHOTOS: Fiona Bao \ Instagram: fiona_bao.
CONTRACTOR: Ming Kee Construction (Steelwork) Engineering Ltd
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: James Lau and Associates Ltd.
QUANTITY SURVEYOR: KCI Management Consultancy Ltd.
BIM: Kevin Ling
MODEL: Raymond Chan
PROJECT MANAGER: PLAAP Design Ltd., Michelle Kwok

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