The Shimmering Square near the Kremlin walls by Basis architectural bureau

starlight outside the Kremlin walls

Project Specs


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▼克里姆林宫宫墙外的景观广场,square near the Kremlin walls © Basis.

It was important for architects to preserve the identity of the historical place when working with the small square near the walls of the Kremlin in Kolomna (a small Russian town located three hours of Moscow). That is why a clinker brick imitating the brick from the Kremlin wall is used in the paving. The shape of wooden lamps for the landscape lighting is taken from the elements of the Kremlin towers.

▼仿照克里姆林宫塔楼元素设计景观照明灯,the shape of  lamps  is taken from the elements of the Kremlin towers © Basis.

▼宫墙与景观灯和地面铺砖相互呼应,landscape lights and brick pavement echoes with wall © Basis.


Landscaping is a unique feature for the new space: the brick paving gradually transitions into the fresh lawn, and the preserved mature trees provide comfortable shade.

▼砖块铺装逐渐过渡到草坪中,the brick paving gradually transitions into the fresh lawn © Basis.

▼大树下的休闲空间,leisure space under the mature trees © Basis.

▼铺装细部,detail of the pavement © Basis.

莫斯科Basis architecture bureau的建筑师Ivan Okhapkin回忆道:“作为建筑师,我们希望能为场地创造出符合乡村小镇特色的家庭氛围,因此,我们在广场中采用了人性化的尺度设计,并采用了带有温暖质感的材料。”

Ivan Okhapkin, Basis architectural bureau (Moscow): We, as architects, wanted to convey a «home-like» atmosphere characteristic of a small county town, so we kept the human scale in the proportions and used «warm» natural materials.

▼人性化尺度打造温暖空间,human scale to create a warm space © Basis.


In the evening, the space is transformed by the built-in spot lighting.The square with a scattering of lights against the background of the Kremlin wall becomes a new «wanna see» attraction in the tourist route of Kolomna.

▼夜晚宫墙边的灯光,lights against the wall at night © Basis.

▼散布的点点灯光将广场装点成亮眼的风景,scattered lights decorate the square into a shimmering attraction © Basis.

▼区位总平面,master plan © Basis.

▼广场平面,plan of the square © Basis.

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © Basis.

▼节点平面,detail plan © Basis.

Team of the project
Head of Basis:Ivan Okhapkin
Architects:Tatiana Kozlova, Alena Zakcharova, Olga Zolotko, Alina Podkopova, Monica Galstyan
Engineers:Svetlana Podoplelova, Dmitry Belostotsky, Sergey Kozlov
Location:Kolomna, Moscow region

More: Basis architectural bureau 更多关于他们:Basis architectural bureau on gooood.

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